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Thursday, August 30, 2012

I need a nap...

     I need to go back to Kindergarten!  I need a rug, a pillow, and a floor.  I didn't leave my classroom until 11:30 pm last night.  Then I woke up with that throat reaction again.  Down went the Benadryl! 
     I have some tubs that need emptying.  Last night, I threw the leftovers into tubs so that it would look neat for today, and I can empty them one by one.  The kids all brought in their supplies, so the tables are messy- that part is not me.  But the pictures I am about to show you, well, that is ALL me.  I was too tired to stand up and take the pictures, so I took them from my desk.  I redid my desk area.  I could have let it all alone, but no.  I had to tweak it. I love how my desk is now, well, when I get rid of the stuff in it and can walk around... I like my "command center".  It will not have stuff all over the place (LIKE MASON JARS!!!).  I will post good pictures, when and if I have them.  I just thought I would share the process a long the way.  Don't look at these pictures before bed- they may cause nightmares.  I know I had nightmares last night.  I dreamed that our principal hated how I arranged everything and the things I had on my walls, and she made me take them all down (She isn't like that...).
Comfort food for today- hot dog in a pretzel and frozen lemonade!  Yum!  I got some more goodies in the mail, but I will show them to you later... If I ever get home!!!
So now, on to the horror show that is my desk area...


  1. Heather, I wish I could come over and help you sort it all! The bright side is it can only get better and I think it looks like organized chaos!

    Now I really hope you don't have any nightmares about the principal becoming a turkey or pumpkin!
    I really am praying for you to get through and enjoy your vocation!
    'I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.'
    God bless

  2. One thing at a time, God will equip. :)

  3. I bet you feel like this every year at the beginning! I love that you have Mason jars on your desk. Have a great Friday tomorrow then a great 3 day weekend!
    Be blessed,

  4. heather, thanx so much for stopping by my blog! i look forward to sitting with a cup of coffee and catching up with you! hopefully soon! enjoy your day!

  5. Hugs to you MY FRIEND!
    Love seeing the command center.
    Joy in HIM

  6. I'm just trying to figure how you get a hotdog into a pretzel?? Sounds good though. 8-) Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me advice on the dresser. I still can't decide what to do with it. Soon though.
    Oh, Im now following you. And, now Im going back to see what I've been missing.


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