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Friday, June 19, 2015

Giveaway at The Rusty Thimble

I have had the privilege of being the recipient of goodies from her giveaways. I also am so happy to own her wonderful work in my home. She is having a giveaway on her blog! But hurry! It ends June 22nd. 

Also, check out the pictures of the flooding in her state of Oklahoma! My sister lives there as well. Wow. Just wow. Brenda's pictures of Lake Texoma are beautiful and frightening as to the power of water! We frequently undervalue it and underestimate it- until it is missing or there is an extreme overabundance of it. One of the most important, but also potent things in God's creation.  He uses water and references it a lot in His Word. I think there is good reason!

Thank you, Brenda, for again being so kind and generous in your giveaway!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Whistle is a Hangin' in the Closet...

So, how have ya'll been? I have been terrible with blogging! With school, my brain seems to be empty of things to say. Oh, funny stuff happens at school, don't get me wrong. Hilarious stuff! But somewhere between, "That's hilarious!" and a drive home, the thing that comes next is a nap. Kindergarten students have the life. They won't realize it until they hit 40. It all becomes clear then.

At this point in the summer, my split personalities part ways. Mrs. Wise, fifth grade teacher, goes into the closet like Superman with his tights and cape. Not that I am Superman. But, there are many that are glad that my super sonic whistle is hung up and quiet for a few months. When I take my whistle off, I really do feel like this persona, Mrs. Wise, goes away. I am Heather. Just plain Heather. Nice. 

But, switching gears is hard. I don't know what the date is. It is not written on the board. I don't know what day of the week it is because it is not marked by what specials are on which day. The day passes in odd speeds. Fast. Slow. I drove my husband a little nuts this week. He was on vacation, you see.  After we would do something, I would ask, "What are we doing next?" He wondered why I kept asking that. I realized that the passage of my day is marked by subjects. First, Bible. NEXT is Spelling. Then, snack. Next... Next... Put kids on busses and in cars and stop. Maybe I should map out my day like a schedule. First, Cleaning. Next, Laundry.  Then, Snack (very important). Next? Baahahha... Yeah. No. I think I will not be doing THAT schedule. Except snack. We'll keep that. And, nap time. Wait, aren't you a fifth grade teacher? Hey! 

My persona in the summer is a little different. Now, I am "The Country Schoolmarm". Yup. That's me. Oh, what does she do? Um, I am doing it right now. Sitting on a couch and writing about nothing in particular. Sweet. I am making dolls now. And, an occasional pinkeep. I love pinkeeps. I have been blessed by the opportunity to be mentored by Barb Moore of "The Primitive Oswald" and author of Purely Primitive Dolls. 

This journey has been such a huge dewdrop of mercy. Not really a dewdrop. More like one of those big, huge fat raindrops that come down during a summer thunderstorm. It has been a blessing to be challenged to move beyond pinkeeps to creating extreme primitive dolls. I never thought I could do that. Ever. If it weren't for God using Marie (Dear Old Lady Morgan ) to push me into the pool and Barb's book to give me guidance, I wouldn't be on this path. It is an opportunity to create AND write. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity. But, very importantly, God used each and every one of you. Those who read my blog, commented on it, encouraged me, prayed with me, gave your friendship freely... Your part has been such a blessing in my life. I am overwhelmed by these many blessings. 

So, if you want to see what you have been a part of, you can come visit me, The Country Schoolmarm, on my Facebook page. You can see the dolls I am working on, and the stories I have written...all by the grace of God. 

Thank you, dear friends, for your friendship and encouragement! God bless, lots of love, and huge hugs to you! 

The Marm (Mrs. Wise, Heather, Skeeter, Pinkeepaholic, but not "Late to Dinner"...)