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Friday, June 19, 2015

Giveaway at The Rusty Thimble

I have had the privilege of being the recipient of goodies from her giveaways. I also am so happy to own her wonderful work in my home. She is having a giveaway on her blog! But hurry! It ends June 22nd. 

Also, check out the pictures of the flooding in her state of Oklahoma! My sister lives there as well. Wow. Just wow. Brenda's pictures of Lake Texoma are beautiful and frightening as to the power of water! We frequently undervalue it and underestimate it- until it is missing or there is an extreme overabundance of it. One of the most important, but also potent things in God's creation.  He uses water and references it a lot in His Word. I think there is good reason!

Thank you, Brenda, for again being so kind and generous in your giveaway!


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