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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Want Pie?

Pick your pie pin keep!  

      It is on like "Donkey Kong"!  You have until 12:00 am EST on 10/6/13 to enter the "Help the Marm Giveaway" if you have not entered it already!  Remember, those of you who have taken the time to comment on previous posts (now closed) to help me finish the hutch, you received an extra entry for each post on which you commented and gave your opinion and ideas for the decorating of the hutch.  Thank you again for your help!  I had soooo much fun, and your ideas inspired me to make changes all around the house!  I did do some additional decorating since I found two containers of foliage (what a help and money saver!)  I will post pics later.  Your home pics are fantastic and inspirational!  I have been gleaning ideas from ya'll!

     So, those of you who have entered or who are just joining us now, please leave a comment with which pie keep you would like if your name is drawn.  Please make sure that you leave a way for me to contact you with the good news!  Any pin keeps that are not chosen, I will list them for sale on my blog if you are interested! I hope you like them- I had fun making them! (P.S.- Do you have any other pie "name or kind" ideas for a pin keep?)

Pin Keep #1 - "Humble Pie"

Pin Keep #2 - "Pumpkin Pie"


Pin Keep #3- "Blackberry Pie"


 Pin Keep #4 - "Sweetie Pie"

Pin Keep #5 - "Muffin Top"


 There ya have it!  I have more pie tins, so you never know if I will be inspired to make more this week!  Thank you again for your participation and for touring my home's Fall Decor!  I look forward to visiting with y'all through out the week!  It is off to bed with me... It's a school night... *sigh*

'Night, Dear Ones!


James 1:17 ESV 

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change."

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


     Yeah. So I found two more containers of foliage and a few more pumpkins. I was looking through last year's pictures, and I saw some pumpkins and crows that were NOT in my bigger container. Foliage is what I think I need to fill out the rest of the decor. The pumpkins are still not NEARLY enough... Thank you for your support! But, as much as I am tempted to decorate, I have to work in Back to School Night stuff. 

     I am watching a series from PBS that is a reality tv/ documentary called "The Manor House". It is basically a show about people who sign up to live and work in an Edwardian manor house similar to what you would see on Downton. The series may get you through some time before Downton season 4 airs (finally).  It is on Amazon Prime Instant Watch for free. I don't know about Netflix. 

     So, there ya go! Back to school work, watching my dogs wrestle, and Charlie bark at stink bugs. Good times. 'Night, all!!!

I need more pumpkins... No. Seriously...

Here it is!  Drum roll please! Your finalized idea...

    But, wait... They had to be "husband" approved... Steve liked the big toolbox on our center kitchen island instead.  He said that it was really nice and since it was not as long as the other carriers, it gave him more room to work (my picture for the island turned out blurry.  I need to take a new one after school... Sorry!)
    So, Steve wanted this instead.  He said the narrow one could be pushed back to allow more room for serving (Hmmm... I think someone suggested that...).  I truly did not sway him in either direction.  He chose.  I moved them.


Dining Room









 Living Room






 Prizes??? Here are SOME pin keeps that need to bake... More to come... Do you like yours browned or REALLY browned? Any kind of pie pin keeps you would like to see? Strawberry? Anything else?  I have Blackberry, Pumpkin, Chicken, and my regular Apple...

      I will post the start and finish of the final entries for the giveaway.  Sorry, school is just hectic now... Back to School Night tomorrow night.  I wanted to get these pictures out to you...

     Love and hugs, dear friends!  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  There is more "School" than "Country" in the "The Marm" right now...


P.S.  I am serious about the pumpkins... I put most of my fall stuff into the hutch and dining room.  The rest looks a bit bare...  If you want to see the difference, I will post some pics from last year... Oh, my...