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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Final Finish...

All right. The final part of the hutch. The end. The grand finale. That's all she wrote. That's all, folks ( ... to which some of you are saying, "It's about time!!!")!

Here is the hutch...
The items you see on the hutch (except "The Marm") are the items that must be on the hutch. You can move them around and adjust their positions. The exception is the white ironstone and fir branches in the very back, but the shoofly plate must be worked in. The egg carrier does not have to have eggs on it. There are twinkle lights on that shelf. 

As well as past items that we have not used...
...here are some others...

I have two sugar cones. One dark. One light. I also have stained, but unused cheese cloth. 

Here are some wood pieces. I do have a few other small treen pieces. (Is it me? But I kind of like this basket as is. Minus the boot jack and plus some fall greenery...)

So that's it... Here is the timeline of events:
-Brainstorm until Thursday night. 
-Friday evening is a reveal of options.
-Monday evening is a closing of the voting polls. 
-During the week, inbetween teaching my 20 cherubs, we will tweak it and reveal the final look (Hopefully!) And clean off my dining room table. And place the other decorations. 
-The last thing I will do is give fair warning as to the definite end of the giveaway with a look at your pin keep prize choices. No more gold stars after I give fair warning. Also, I can't give gold stars for shelves that are "Locked". Still love to hear your ideas!

So, if you want any gold stars, give your opinion! Steve thanks you in advance for any help in moving this along so he can see our dining room table again. Sorry, been spending the last days leading up to school (We started Monday), trying to get my new classroom set up has wiped me out. Maybe it was working in my classroom until almost midnight. Ugh. But it is ready for its close-up, so hopefully some pictures for you all this week!

ANYHOOO,for selecting the winner, Steve will pick a name out of a bowl. Or basket. Or gourd. Okay, maybe not a gourd. Details to follow on that!

Loving all the inspirations for Fall Decor on the blogs! And, yeah, I think I need to be moving to the Midwest to go to some of your prim extravaganzas out there. Wow. I had to wipe the drool off of my itouch. No. Wait. That was Charlie. My bad. BUT STILL (Yep. Read that with a whine because it's there...)!!!!!

All righty. Gotta do the "school" thing. And the "clean up the kitchen after Sloppy Joes" thing. Sloppy Joes. You know that's gotta be, well, sloppy!

Love and hugs to you all! I am stocked up in the gold star department so let the good times roll!!!

The Marm. Truly. 

Good night!


  1. Needing some new things on this shelf..let's see...that jar full of acorns (is it?) and that metal candle is still calling to me too. Some pumpkins, that treen ware, but perhaps not in the basket as we have baskets on the other shelves... and we need a large coverlet piece, or the like in there too....hope that helps!
    PS I PROMISE to make that thank you post tomorrow!

  2. I think the long tool box should be filled with indian corn and pumpkins and acorns and well..you getthe picture...maybe put burlap in the bottom and then fill it up! Snuggle a candle down in with them. Dianntha


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