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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oh my! By a NOSE!

 The Wiiiinnnnnaaaaaa, oops.  Ooops... Wait...

You'd think this would be clear cut, but there are a few twists...

The "original #6".  It got 5 votes.

But, Christine from Preferably Prim had this to say,
"Oooooh it is a tricky one but I'd choose 6 only instead of the long tool box use the black one center stage. The coffee grinder and old scales look really great either side."
  So, here is "The Christine Change-up"...

With that said, here is another one my mom liked... We'll call it "The Mom Special".

Here are some homes for some of the other liked items...
So, before I close the changes and start the countdown to the drawing, please contemplate these 3 ideas and vote on THIS post as to your final decision.  EVEN if you voted on a totally different choice in the other post, you still have a say in this "Primocracy"!  Thanks again for your thoughts and votes.  This ends at midnight tomorrow night.  
Whew!  This is turning into quite the saga! 

Have a wonderful night!
Love to you all!


  1. I like the 'Christine change up'. Lol. This has been fun.

  2. Everything looks wonderful! I like the box of woollies on the table. I liked the first one because it gave a little room to use the buffet if you ever needed to set something there from a meal, etc.Thinking practical and decorative :)
    This has been fun!!!Thanks for including us <3 Sara

  3. I am going with the Christine change up also....whew, sure hope it is done by the times it is time to start decorating for Christmas! LOL
    Love ya!

  4. OOOhh twists and turns make for a very exciting time! Thank you for trying my idea and I have to say I love how it all looks now!
    Have a great day!

  5. Morning Heather, ohhhh, decisions,decisions, I'm going with the Christine change up too...love the old tool box.....Fall Blessings Francine.

  6. Wow I think they all looking so lovely..
    Big hugs x

  7. Well you know Heather...I like Christines version!
    But they are all so nice - how in the world did you come to a decision...

  8. I am still voting for 6. The other one has too much stuff for my eye but we all love different things so go with what makes you smile!!! It will be good either way.. Dianntha

  9. It is all so beautiful but I do like the Christine change up also. Love all the warm colors.

  10. I vote for #6! I love the balance of this one! You've had fun....so have we! Wish you were helping me decorate. I know now....I don't have enough stuff! heehee! Sweet hugs!


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