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Sunday, August 10, 2014

It's Been a While...

     Phew... You all have been busy! I have been trying to keep up on reading through Feedly and Facebook! I do feel like a cheater reading on Facebook. 

     I haven't written much because, I haven't had much to say! God is good in His protection, love, and blessings! My school has grown from 60 (you know, when you all prayed because of fear of not having a job) to 200 students.
 (I am in this picture...)

     What God can do! I have had the blessing and privilege to see this school over the 14 years I have taught there. I was their first fourth grade teacher. I started with 5 students. This past year, I had 22. It was one of my favorite classes ever. We had such a great time! I guess with all of that talking to them, I ran out of words. I talk so much and write so much as a teacher that it is sometimes refreshing to be silent. But, I missed you all and love you all. I didn't want you to think I had forgotten you all, because I have not. 

     We did not get the pool open this year, so I do not have any bat stories for you. That is just fine with me. I have spend the summer thrifting, purging, and cleaning the house. Oh, and working on my classroom.  Because my room got moved. Again. Ugh. I also did not have a car for a bit. A deer attacked it while I was driving to school on the turnpike. Truly. I did not hit him; he hit me. He crossed the westbound and eastbound lanes to t-bone me in the driver side door. God so showed mercy on me. It could have been a lot worse. 

Charlie and Bailey have been my faithful companions this summer. 

     So have Etsy and Ebay. Yeah. That again. They should have a support group. EEA. I think you can figure out what THAT stands for. Aw, gee. No Benadryl was involved in any part of my purchases. I have changed my style around a bit, so THAT probably is a bit of the impetus for my friendships. I have the whole house pulled apart to revamp my style.  Right now my style is "Get the stuff put away and vacuum, for crying out loud". My craft nook/closet (the closet is in the room, not the other way around) is coming along. Although, right now it is a battle of wills-clothes versus crafts. I will keep you posted on that! So, I guess I have painted a picture in your mind of my house as a war zone. I am not going to try to convince you otherwise. It is. Truly. 

I did do some crafting. I did a couple of garage sales.
  This is my dad at the sale. We were bored so we stickered ourselves. My mom thought he wasn't priced low enough. He wasn't selling. Lol. The "open" sticker flew off the tent we were using. Think of it as a gold star on his forehead. 

     I have been trying to sell more with etsy, rather than eBay. I still am not sure which gets more exposure. I do have a sale running now until the beginning of September. The coupon code is "backtoschool14". 

I hope this finds you well! God bless! Lots of love and hugs!