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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ravenwood Whimzies Christmas in July Pinkeep Swap


 I have had the absolute pleasure of previously participating in Wendy's Ravenwood Whimzies Blog pinkeep swaps.  I have gotten to know many talented ladies and  received such special and treasured pinkeeps (remember, I am a pinkeepaholic!). It has also been a growing experience for me in creating! I have enjoyed every swap. 

The theme of this swap was "Christmas in July". My swap partner was Danice of Homespun Hannah's Blog.   If you look a few posts back, you will see I was the recipient of one of her giveaways. You can see from those pictures what a gifted artisan Danice is. Her work reflects her sweetness as an artisan and person. 

When I opened my package, and saw my pinkeep, I just wanted to hug it. That would be bad, well, because of the pins. But, she is absolutely adorable.  And, there were some other goodies as well!

First, the pinkeep. I love mice. Yes, I admit it. I like rodents. Elves, on the other hand, well, elves creep me out. Sorry, elf on a shelf lovers. Ooh! But I do love the movie, Elf! Okay, okay. Back on track. My pinkeep is perfect and reflects such thoughtfulness. The mouse is so dear and sweet and holds a strawberry, another theme in pinkeeps I love. If you look closely, you can see all of the unique pins she put in, even an apple for the teacher! I just love all of the added details. She is so well made! Just perfectly dear!

Inside of the box were needles, thread, and a thimble- all things I desperately need and use! As I opened the other packages, I found a pair of small scissors! I was so excited! I only have big scissors! These were perfect for working on my dolls! The other goodies were a beautiful mat and cross-stitched reindeer! I can't wait to put them out for Christmas! 

My pinkeep may have Christmas spirit, but it will be out and cherished all year long. Thank you, Danice for such a thoughtful and special pinkeep and your sweetness and generosity in your other gifts as well! Your package means so much to me. As do you! Your faithfulness in visiting and commenting on my blog is appreciated as well!

Please check out Danice's blog, Homespun Hannah's! You can see the other things her talented hands make!

Blessings and love to all!
The Marm

Friday, June 19, 2015

Giveaway at The Rusty Thimble

I have had the privilege of being the recipient of goodies from her giveaways. I also am so happy to own her wonderful work in my home. She is having a giveaway on her blog! But hurry! It ends June 22nd. 

Also, check out the pictures of the flooding in her state of Oklahoma! My sister lives there as well. Wow. Just wow. Brenda's pictures of Lake Texoma are beautiful and frightening as to the power of water! We frequently undervalue it and underestimate it- until it is missing or there is an extreme overabundance of it. One of the most important, but also potent things in God's creation.  He uses water and references it a lot in His Word. I think there is good reason!

Thank you, Brenda, for again being so kind and generous in your giveaway!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Whistle is a Hangin' in the Closet...

So, how have ya'll been? I have been terrible with blogging! With school, my brain seems to be empty of things to say. Oh, funny stuff happens at school, don't get me wrong. Hilarious stuff! But somewhere between, "That's hilarious!" and a drive home, the thing that comes next is a nap. Kindergarten students have the life. They won't realize it until they hit 40. It all becomes clear then.

At this point in the summer, my split personalities part ways. Mrs. Wise, fifth grade teacher, goes into the closet like Superman with his tights and cape. Not that I am Superman. But, there are many that are glad that my super sonic whistle is hung up and quiet for a few months. When I take my whistle off, I really do feel like this persona, Mrs. Wise, goes away. I am Heather. Just plain Heather. Nice. 

But, switching gears is hard. I don't know what the date is. It is not written on the board. I don't know what day of the week it is because it is not marked by what specials are on which day. The day passes in odd speeds. Fast. Slow. I drove my husband a little nuts this week. He was on vacation, you see.  After we would do something, I would ask, "What are we doing next?" He wondered why I kept asking that. I realized that the passage of my day is marked by subjects. First, Bible. NEXT is Spelling. Then, snack. Next... Next... Put kids on busses and in cars and stop. Maybe I should map out my day like a schedule. First, Cleaning. Next, Laundry.  Then, Snack (very important). Next? Baahahha... Yeah. No. I think I will not be doing THAT schedule. Except snack. We'll keep that. And, nap time. Wait, aren't you a fifth grade teacher? Hey! 

My persona in the summer is a little different. Now, I am "The Country Schoolmarm". Yup. That's me. Oh, what does she do? Um, I am doing it right now. Sitting on a couch and writing about nothing in particular. Sweet. I am making dolls now. And, an occasional pinkeep. I love pinkeeps. I have been blessed by the opportunity to be mentored by Barb Moore of "The Primitive Oswald" and author of Purely Primitive Dolls. 

This journey has been such a huge dewdrop of mercy. Not really a dewdrop. More like one of those big, huge fat raindrops that come down during a summer thunderstorm. It has been a blessing to be challenged to move beyond pinkeeps to creating extreme primitive dolls. I never thought I could do that. Ever. If it weren't for God using Marie (Dear Old Lady Morgan ) to push me into the pool and Barb's book to give me guidance, I wouldn't be on this path. It is an opportunity to create AND write. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity. But, very importantly, God used each and every one of you. Those who read my blog, commented on it, encouraged me, prayed with me, gave your friendship freely... Your part has been such a blessing in my life. I am overwhelmed by these many blessings. 

So, if you want to see what you have been a part of, you can come visit me, The Country Schoolmarm, on my Facebook page. You can see the dolls I am working on, and the stories I have written...all by the grace of God. 

Thank you, dear friends, for your friendship and encouragement! God bless, lots of love, and huge hugs to you! 

The Marm (Mrs. Wise, Heather, Skeeter, Pinkeepaholic, but not "Late to Dinner"...)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Long Overdue Hug and Thank You!

 Ever feel like this? This winter so far, I'm going to tell you. The cloudiness is taking its toll already. Bleck!

     I've talked about "Dewdrops of Mercy" before.  It always happens when I am at a low point.  I start to think that maybe the little things are just coincidence.  After all, why would God bother with the small stuff.  Well, He does.  Why? Because an omnipotent God can accomplish the big AND the small.  I was having a hard couple weeks at school. 

     Out of the blue, I get an email from Danice, from Homespun Hannah's Blog  saying that I had won her giveaway.  I just cried. So, you see, God is in the little things.  You also never know how God uses those who have blog giveaways to be a part of that. Never underestimate how your generosity may touch others when they need a little encouragement. God uses big and small acts of kindness because He is a wise and all-knowing God. What a relief!

So, onto Danice! Danice, thank you for having your giveaway.  Your items were precious and are well-loved. Look at what was in the package...

Look at all of these wonderful goodies! 

I love this quilted square! This is going to be out all year! It is just what my new coffee table needed!

Soooooooooo sweet! Love!

Huge hugs to you, my dear friend! For your thoughtfulness, generosity, and taking the time to visit my blog!

I am going to try to blog more.  I need to stay up with sewing and writing as a creative way to relieve stress and anxiety. My husband has been really encouraging me to do that. 

Please also, in any comments you leave, write a prayer request that I can pray over for you! I would like that to be a new part of my blog!

Happy New Year, friends!

The Marm

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Ohhhh, Yeah!

     I don't do the Black Friday thing. Crowds, early hours, big screen tv's... Not my thing. Okay, so I should clarify. There is one Black Friday tradition I do each year. I roll out of bed around a little after 6 am (my normal everyday wake-up time), dress warmly, brew coffee, and drive 10 minutes to one of my favorite prim shops, Cocalico Creek Country Store.  The first 25 people get a $10 "gift card", and then early morning deals of 40% off one Christmas item and 15% off a regular item.  That is enough bait for me to roll out of bed and stand in line in the freezing cold.  

     Last year, I went wicked early, manned with coffee, my iPod with a season of NCIS, and LOTS of layers.  I got there at 6:15 am. Needless to say, I was the second person in line. And my backside froze from sitting on their curb.  A little over zealous. This year, I got there around 6:40 am (I panicked a little and thought I might be too late) and was still within the first 25. 

     I spent about an hour in the shop. You see, I am one of those shoppers who picks up things that catch my eye with reckless abandon. Then, the math area of my brain kicks in.  I start playing the barter game.  You know, "If I put this back, then I get these two things I like more.  But wait, do I really like those two things? Wait, what's that over THERE?! Squirrel." An hour later of walking around the store and putting 100 miles on my Uggs, and this is what I walked out with...

Primitive flocked tree... $60... 40% off... About $40! Love!

You know primitive people are a funny bunch. Brownish snow on a tree? Awesome.  Brownish REAL snow? Ew.

A year ago, they bought the antique store next door including her stock. They have marked down her antiques to 1/4 of what she was selling them for.  I have been cleaning out that inventory for them little by little over this year.  I got the chenille,little fleece dress, and four red woven napkins for the $10 store credit and 15% off of the chenille.  It is a rather big piece.... Mmmmmm...

A gathering of bird's nests for under $5.

     So, I feel like my cold nose and burnt tongue (drank my coffee a little too soon!) were well worth it.  I will show you how I use my goodies soon.  Right now, breakfast of leftover turkey and potato filling and pie.  I am not kidding. And a nap.  Yup.  

Happy Thanksgiving and warm blessings to you, dear friends! 
The Marm

Monday, November 24, 2014

Stewart Bartholemeu and Nicholas...

     Stewart Bartholomew  the Mouse... Such a biggish name for a smallish mouse.  But his biggish name was fitting for the biggish adventures that he has had during his life.  

     By far, his biggest adventure came when he fell into the pocket of a kindly man who had a greying beard and a laugh that came from down deep within him. His laugh was not biggish at all.  It was HUGE! It filled a room so much that it spilled right out of doors and windows.  

     Everyone knew who and when this compassionate man went a visitin' (Stewart had a smallish bit of an accent). Stewart learned much from this man, Nicholas. He learned of compassion, and that one of the best earthly gifts you can get is one when you give of yourself to others. Nicholas visited and chatted.  He brought gifts and gave hugs. He listened to people bare their hearts, and he wiped their tears. He talked of God's love and prayed for and with them. 

     Stewart tried to put into practice all that he heard and learned. Each morning, he would climb into Nicholas's coat pocket.  When Nicholas was visitin', so did Stewart. He crawled in and around houses, checking on the needs of all of the little critters in that home. He made sure they were warm and fed, just like Nicholas did with his friends. 

     Stewart stored up so many stories during his time with Nicholas. So many stories that they would certainly fill up a largish book. But the message in each was the same. Serve The Lord with gladness by serving His people and showing compassion. Stewart stored up that very large message in his very tiny heart in his very small furry body for all the days of his life. 

     Stewart measures 5 inches tall compared to his largish friend. Nicholas is 25 inches tall. He has a string for hanging about, but he is quite fine with sitting as well.  Stewart can leave Nicholas's pocket, so you are free to let him roam and stuff other things in Nick's coat pocket. He is made from heavy canvas that has been stained and sanded (along with my fingers). His coat is vintage woven wool. His hat and underclothes are a vintage feedsack. He has some vintage buttons here and there. He has rusty shoe buckles for eye lids. 

     Kindly asking $60 plus shipping (paypal only)  for Stewart and Nicholas. Original piece by The Country Schoolmarm. Please feel free to email me at thecountryschoolmarm@gmail.com for more details.

Thank you for stopping by!

Love and hugs,


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dolls, A "Dusting", and Dogs

     First, if you haven't seen this awesome challenge put out by Barb Moore, the author of Purely Primitive Dolls and owner of The Primitive Oswald,  please go look and check out the work of so many talented ladies. The challenge is over now, but the site is now a selling blog for extreme prim dolls called "Purely Primitive Dolls".  It is a method for again, artists to sell their handmade art.  
     Supporting small businesses is so important, and I know you know, as many of you are friends with these artists or you are an artist as well (so skip to the snow and dogs below. You live this speech). Many people rely on this income to support themselves in some way in this economy. It also brings great joy for each artist to be able to create and pass on a bit of themselves to you! A legacy of sorts.  I am so blessed to have had the opportunity the participate in the Purely Primitive Doll Challenge.  I learned sooooooo much through Barb's book, which I highly recommend.  And, I have met many talented artists and new friends. So, please, take a look. And, this Christmas, consider buying something handmade as a gift for someone to pass along a legacy of love that has been poured into the creation by the hands that made it!

I am now leaving my soapbox (hopefully without tripping.  It's me, though.  It is quite probable... Ow! Yup. There it is.). I return you to your cup of coffee and regular blog reading.  Thank you for your time!

Dolls created by (left to right): The Primitive Oswald, Primitives by Old Lady Morgan, The Country Schoolmarm

The regularly scheduled programs: "First Snow Comes to Pennsylvania" and "The Dogs Who Wanted to Know Too Much". Enjoy!

"Bailey and Charlie" episode 32 - "Neighborhood Watch-For Whom the Dogs Bark?"

"Keep your yap shut until I tell you to open it, Chuck!"

"She wears me out. "

"Why is Jack the Sniffer being walked by his person at this hour? I don't like it. "

"What'd I tell you???" "I was sayin hey to Jack"

That's not Jack... (Cue dramatic music)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love and Hugs!
The Marm