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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sitting on it...

     So, in the immortal words of Fonzie, "Sit on it!" Well, they are also the words of my husband.  I emailed a picture of my project to my mom.  She loved it (of course).  My husband comes home from work and walks into the kitchen.  I knew he had seen my endeavors because he said, "Well, you have been busy."  I wait silently for a further comment.
     "Did you see the cabinet?" I asked.
     "Well, what do you think?" I ventured.
     "Um, it's all right (hates it). How about we sit on it a few days and live with it and see what we think."

      Ugh.  I was so excited to show him how cute it was.  But what was I thinking?  A man views a cabinet as utilitarian.  It is a cabinet, therefore it is for storage.  I look at the poorly used cabinet and think, "Oh, I am SOOO taking the doors off that sucker and putting some prims up there!" Well, it has been a few days, and I am not asking what he thinks because I fear the answer.  He would never ask me to take it down.  He always says, "If you like it, then do it." But the purpose of my homemaking is to make our house, not only comfortable for myself and the friends that enter, but for him.  After all, this is his home too.  But, alas, the doors cannot go back up.  I stripped some of the screws getting the doors off.  Oops...

     Here is an addition to my primitive vignette that I added the other day.  I ordered this cute beeswax grungy barn owl on eBay (My one weakness)from Primitive Candle Cupboard.  He is so cute and prim, AND he smells wonderful when I cook at the stove.  I think his black tones fit in well with the other accents, don't you think? I think that I am going to name him "Harold".

I  have bought these additional accents from Primitive Candle Cupboard in the past (actually, I just bought a few more. Shhhhh...)  They all smell wonderful.  I especially love the "Primitive Blessings" flicker candle.  I would hate to light it if it were a regular candle and lose its loveliness! So, it lasts, and it smells like my favorite scent- Maple Syrup (Ok, so two more weaknesses, maple syrup scent and flicker candles.  But, that truly is it, as far as weaknesses!).  There is a story behind the flicker candles, but that is for another day!

Friday, July 27, 2012

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The Cabinet...

Ok. Here is the fruit of my labor. The hardest part was looking through my extra runners to find one that didn't clash and was the right size. But, EUREKA, I found one. The whole idea was to keep the project cheap. The wallpaper, plate, and tape cost me $8 in total. The iron stoves I had, and even those were bargains. The largest one cost me about $10 at a garage sale. The rest were under $5. I like the look! I truly believe what I have learned from decorating magazines.  Collections make a bigger impact when they are grouped together. The display is especially apropos because the shelf is above my stove.  Stove, meet your little friends!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

What's Behind Door Number One?

So, I have been perusing my Country Sampler back issues and addictively scanning Pinterest, and I have a project in mind. I see a lot of decorators removing cabinet doors to use as a display for dishes and such. I think I am going to do just that-remove the two doors on the cabinet above my stove. (My definitive inspiration was on this blog: The Primitive Country Bug. Her kitchen has a similar setup as mine.)

Why this sudden need to use my husband's power drill? Well, that cabinet is the black hole of unneeded items. Plus, being short, it is awkward to reach said black hole. So, my plan is to convert it as an area to display my collection of toy cast iron stoves.

Today, I went to a tent sale at our local craft warehouse. I picked up a reproduction treen painted plate with folk art flowers. I also got some country beige wallpaper that does not need paste. I am going to use it with some strong scrapbooking tape to affix it to the back of the cabinet. That way, it is not permanent but gives a country finish to an otherwise plain back of the cabinet.

I will show you my finished project when I finish it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Making a House a Home...

Each person has a different style to add "flavor" to their home. Mine is country primitives. Why? Because the worn, grungy look reminds me of something that has been well-loved or used for many years. It's liked the cherished teddy bear that has been passed down through the family for years until stuffing is coming out of the seams and an eyeball is missing.

I love things that are dented, a little cracked, and are well-patinated. "Patinated" is a word I learned from "Antiques Roadshow". I was sure they made the word up until Mr. Webster and I met up. It's a real word. ANYHOW, I love patina and a little dirt. Now, mind you, I am not hard-core primitive. My refrigerator and other appliances still look like their modern selves.

I love pouring over books, websites, my new addiction, Pinterest, and magazines such as Country Sampler and Country Living. My house is never a finished thing. Many times I sit on the couch in the evening and think,'I wonder how that would look over there?' Sometimes I love the idea, and sometimes it just turns out to be an opportunity to dust that piece of furniture.

However, I do sincerely believe that decorating is not only an artistic form of expression, but also a desire of our creative heavenly Father. It is not the only thing a homemaker should do. But certainly, creating a comfortable home is something precious and valuable. Even the creatures of the earth, beavers, birds, you name it (except squirrels. Yikes!) put creativity into the design and comfort of their homes. The most beloved compliment someone can make is that they,"feel at home" here. They can sprawl out, put their feet up (That is where worn and cracked works out great!).

Now, here's my problem (one of many)- I love these time-worn treasures that I have to display them all. I know some of you can relate to that. So, I am looking for this blog, amongst other fabulous blogs, to be one of inspiration. Inspiration from both successes and failures. Truth-telling in that we can tell each other, "Woah. Too much!" or "How about moving it to the right or painting it a different color?" And, please, not inspiration from just me, but all of you. Discuss what went right but also what didn't work. Share your fun finds and creative ways for repurposing items- even if your inspiration started somewhere else.

Now, I will offer another caveat. Peppered in-between our "coffee talk" about decorating, I may have to share stories from home and school, meaningful quotes and scripture, and other odds-n-ends. Feel free to do the same. After all, isn't that what friends do over coffee?