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Thursday, July 26, 2012

What's Behind Door Number One?

So, I have been perusing my Country Sampler back issues and addictively scanning Pinterest, and I have a project in mind. I see a lot of decorators removing cabinet doors to use as a display for dishes and such. I think I am going to do just that-remove the two doors on the cabinet above my stove. (My definitive inspiration was on this blog: The Primitive Country Bug. Her kitchen has a similar setup as mine.)

Why this sudden need to use my husband's power drill? Well, that cabinet is the black hole of unneeded items. Plus, being short, it is awkward to reach said black hole. So, my plan is to convert it as an area to display my collection of toy cast iron stoves.

Today, I went to a tent sale at our local craft warehouse. I picked up a reproduction treen painted plate with folk art flowers. I also got some country beige wallpaper that does not need paste. I am going to use it with some strong scrapbooking tape to affix it to the back of the cabinet. That way, it is not permanent but gives a country finish to an otherwise plain back of the cabinet.

I will show you my finished project when I finish it!

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