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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Final, final, so totally "the end", that's all she wrote, you got the picture, TIE BREAKER VOTE!!!!!


     Okay, so truly, you all have such wonderful ideas and are such dear, sweet friends for sticking with this! I feel like after the final vote is cast, and a winner is chosen, we need a theme song like "Hail to the Chief". Ya'll just have to hum it yourselves. 

     If you have not cast your tie-breaking vote, now is the time. Polls close at 12 am. And no double voting through aliases. Although it would be fun to create aliases. Hmmmm, I think I may need to use that idea... Well, anyhooo...

     Please finish voting and then further instructions will follow. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds... 5....4....3....2....1

     Okay, I got nuttin'... OH WAIT!!! Before  you go, make sure you do your votin' in the previous post!

     Well.  That is all. You can go now. This concludes my presentation. 

     Truly. I'm done. 

Love and hugs!!!!!
The Marm


  1. Really, really done? So much fun!

  2. Oh Heather. 'Wish I'd known about the giveaway sooner. Too late for me to enter. What a fun way to do a giveaway. Blessings :)


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