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Thursday, September 5, 2013

I tried... HELP!

     All right. It all comes back to me. Benadryl. Fall. Etsy. Blogging. Pumpkin addiction. It all came back in A RUSH when I lifted the lid to the storage tub and saw (after breathing in the aroma of cinnamon and pumpkin scents. Let's pause with that for a moment. Ahhhh. ) THE PLETHORA OF PUMPKINS I bought when I took all of that Benadryl for my allergic reaction last Fall. Oh. No. So, when you all, my kind, helpful friends, suggested pumpkins on the shelves, pumpkin hoarder here (Watch me this Fall on TLC) froze like a deer in the headlights. Which pumpkins do I use? Which sprigs? I have been looking at blue, and teal, and star bulletin board borders all day- I CAN'T FOCUS!!! Okay, um, it may be 12 am, but I gotta get this SOS out there in Bloggerworld. 

So here is where I started. And stopped. 
Yeah. That's it. 

     So, I decided to group my pumpkins and such and let you shop from these, okay. There are also baskets, crocks, pewter, wood to incorporate as well. So, here ya go. Shop, play around with it, give suggestions. I am in a holding pattern. 

Prim Larger Pumpkins...

Pumpkins with texture...

Smaller, plain prim pumpkins...

Pumpkins with faces...

Pillow tucks...

Greens, fruits, and berries...

Indian Corn and Acorns...


     Charlie says, "Mama, are you out of your gourd?" I am afraid so, my boy. Afraid so. 

     Here is a taste of part of the prize... A choice in pie pin keeps. There is always plain. But I also have two other varieties. Blackbird Blackberry Pie and Pumpkin Pie. You win. You choose!

 V.  Well, I gotta go to bed, school in the morning. Sorry this isn't well organized. But, I know we can do it!!!

Thanks again!!! Love and hugs!


  1. You have some very adorable fall items!! I would leave the plates as they are but move the candle to the right and place one larger pumpkin in the middle!! HTH Dianntha

  2. Awww you truly have some very pretty fall goodies...
    I truly love the love the blackbird blackberry pie pin keep..I love love love it..
    Big hugs
    Cucki x

  3. Wow Girl - I think you have a pumpkin addiction! But what a way to go! Love all your fall goodies - the woolie acorns and corn are too cute! Pets to Charlie. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Ohmystarsngarters! Forgive me for drooling... all over your prim wonderfulness! I just PINNED your acorns... and want to try my hand at those... they are ADORABLE! Everything you have is just awesome!

  5. ok.......suggestions!!! Here you go~ middle shelf too much color. I would go with the brownish pumpkin with the curly top, the small off white and tan ones as well on the colorful penny rug. (move the orange pumpkins down to the next shelf to add more color there). Fill the tiny basket(in with gourds) with the little acorns, move the plain crocks up and put a few stems of orangy flowers sticking out of one.Whitish pumpkin pillow to top shelf, woolly pumpkin pillow to bottom shelf.Clothespins are too busy. phew! That probably doesn't make sence. Have fun. Hope school is going well. Blessings~Sara

  6. Ha haha hahaha I so remember you and your pumpkin hoarding from last year! You are a hoot and I love you!


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