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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


     Yeah. So I found two more containers of foliage and a few more pumpkins. I was looking through last year's pictures, and I saw some pumpkins and crows that were NOT in my bigger container. Foliage is what I think I need to fill out the rest of the decor. The pumpkins are still not NEARLY enough... Thank you for your support! But, as much as I am tempted to decorate, I have to work in Back to School Night stuff. 

     I am watching a series from PBS that is a reality tv/ documentary called "The Manor House". It is basically a show about people who sign up to live and work in an Edwardian manor house similar to what you would see on Downton. The series may get you through some time before Downton season 4 airs (finally).  It is on Amazon Prime Instant Watch for free. I don't know about Netflix. 

     So, there ya go! Back to school work, watching my dogs wrestle, and Charlie bark at stink bugs. Good times. 'Night, all!!!


  1. Morning...isn't it fun when you find some lost treasures!
    I think I had seen that series you mentioned - or at least one like it. They have aired several different types of those and I find them very interesting.

  2. LOL Too funny...now you will be able to fill everything up without spending more money...a dream come true!
    Be blessed,

  3. Oh more fall decor! How wonderful. It seem I always misplace boxes of holiday decor and remember something that I am missing. Have fun finding a home for it all. Happy decorating. I am getting to mine slow. Blessings~Sara

  4. I'll look for that PBS series! We sure need something good to watch! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  5. hi Heather! just stopping in check on you! but omg! i could get lost and stuck here scrolling threw all your pictures... love love the decorating your do! enjoy the rest of your evening!


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