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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Final Countdown...

 “He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?” Romans 8:32

     Give us what?  What are all things?  For me, right now, it is the prayer for a calm heart, wisdom, diligence, and creativity.  I have 4 days left before starting school preparation and In-Service meetings (which are THE WORST for people like me with ADD and can't sit still.  Ugh.)

     This is a late post, I know.  Many are going to bed, eating dinner, or already fast asleep. I have been working on my welcome email to my new students.  I put it off because I just wasn't excited about it.  The end of the summer, the revival of early morning routines and late nights, concern about the hearts and needs of this new little "family".  I'll get over it.  As soon as I go into Staples on Friday to get supplies, it will be game on!

     I have been working on my crafts today.  Making clothes pin dolls, prepping my lantern for its new paint job.  Stitching.  Grunging ball jars and cans and basically anything I can get my stucky, Modgepodge-hands on.  Only problem, which you will see in a bit- I used up all of my baking cinnamon. I will go to the grocery store tomorrow, but I need it now.  Just wait, I will tell you in a moment.  I used it up and then realized I have a big container on my craft shelves for just that-crafts.  Ugh. So, I have been grunging, working on my newsletter, stitching, working on my newsletter, gluing and now...

     I am going to make COFFEE CAKE IN A CUP!  Woooooohooo. Seriously, it is more addictive than shopping on Benadryl.  (That's why I am bummed about the cinnamon.  I may use the container I use for crafting.  I am desperate.)  And you all were there!  You know!  This Coffee Cake is just comforty goodness in a mug.  Now, I adjust the recipe in the link below by taking the flour measurements and "halving" it- half of it flour and half of it oat bran.  That way you don't feel so guilty.  Well, I don't.  Truly.  Now, you can click on the link way down below and see step-by-step directions.  You need to try this. Now.  Seriously.  Go out in your kitchen, make it, and come back and tell me about it.  I will give you an extension until tomorrow, but after that, your work will be considered late.  You WILL NOT get full credit.  Those of you who do it and respond get gold stars.  

     See, the teacher in me is starting to creep out.  It is funny, well I think it is, you may think I am plain weird.  In the mornings, when I get into the car and start for school, I always put on my lanyard with my whistle and school key.  Now, before I put it on, I am just me.  Heather.  But when I put on the whistle, I feel a little like Clark Kent changing into Superman.  I am no longer "Heather".  I AM "MRS. WISE"!!! (Say it like a superhero.  It sounds much better.  I have said it in the car before.  Told you. Weird.) 

     Now, here are another couple things you should know about me as a teacher.  The more coffee I drink, the faster I talk.  My students KNOW when I have and have not had coffee.  If I have had a lot, well, let's just say I have a lot of students staring at me like I am talking in another language. BUT, we get a lot done!!!  

    Here is another weird thing about me as a teacher.  When I say, "Gold stars for you!" I mean I really give out gold stars. And I put them on my students' foreheads. Yup. They walk around proudly all day with gold stars on their heads (if they earned one that is).  Sometimes a student may have as many as six (Those students are my favorites...).  You should see the looks I get from visitors...  LOL.  So, it is too bad you all are not close by, or you would have gold stars on your head!

     Well, I must warn you, friends.  Starting next week, I will probably do more reading your blogs than writing on my own.  I am going to try to keep up with it at least a couple times a week.  Once school gets rolling, maybe more.  Writing and talking to you all is really therapeutic.  I want to thank you all for allowing me to come into your circle of friendship, for your encouragement and fellowship.  I will also warn you that I will try to write about crafts and decor at least once a week, but the other posts may actually be the "Schoolmarm" part more than the "Country".  I will still be seeking wisdom.  And, I am sure, provide some entertainment courtesy of my munchkins...


Coffee and Coffee Cake Talk for Today:
  • Well, how was it?
  • What things could you add to it to change it up?
  • If you could be a super hero (You can't use one that already exists.  No Thors or Ironmans.) what would you call yourself, and what would be your "super power"?  Mine is ear shattering whistle blowing!


  1. Girl you are a hoot! I wanna be in your class! I would love a gold star! Hehe! The coffee cake sounds delicious....and the fact I can make it in a mug....GENIUS! Good luck with getting back in the swing of things and all of your meetings. Will be thinking of you! :)

  2. Oh Heather as a former teacher I don't think you are weird at all, I totally "get it". I love reading this blog, so glad I found it, actually you found me and I returned! LOL Anyway enjoy your last couple of "Heather Days:.
    Be blessed,

  3. You all are too kind! Thank you for your well wishes and prayers! It means a lot! I have to admit something. Sometimes I do things that are fun for the kids and also make me laugh. I can't help laughing at a child whose forehead sparkles like a tiara. You have to entertain yourself somehow!

    I love reading everyones' blogs. I will have something to look forward to after a day with 10 year olds! Adult conversations! I am enjoying getting to know you all! I never thought that blogging would be this fun! I am blessed that you all found me so I have this wonderful fellowship!

    Oh, I just ate my cup of goodness! Mmmmmmmm... I added a bit more baking powder and used raw sugar instead of white. My cup is empty now. So sad...

    Good night, friends!

  4. Oh you do have a way with words. Don't know how you get it all done, though...Keep looking to the Lord and He will strengthen you for your task. You are brave, I must say...Ldr

    1. Oh, it is the life of the teacher. God gives me the wisdom and the strength. "My God shall supply all my needs..." Thank you for your encouragement. You keep reminding me to look to the Lord... I need that! It is very easy to look to yourself, and that is when you mess up big time! Thank you for your friendship!

      Blessings and Love to Ya!

  5. Morning Friend
    Your just want I needed this morning.
    I love coffee cake and will try it this afternoon with my afternoon cuppa.
    I love coffee. You must be such a wonderful teacher. I enjoy your posts.
    Hey I want a gold star. :)
    Keep letting HIS LIGHT SHINE!
    Hugs & JOY


    1. Trace!!!!
      I saw that you saw the coffee cake over at Nana Angela's! Does that not sound AWESOME!!!! Well, God gives me the skills as a teacher. As soon as I lose focus of that... Well, it's not pretty. That is how God keeps me in check. It is a challenge to let His light shine. I know my first Christian school job, I didn't do that so well. I focused more on the academics than the heart. That is a sad reminder. My past and current principals at my current school have really spurred us that God should be revealed in everything we teach- science, math, history- whatever! It was hard at first, but when God has a hold of you and you allow yourself to be open to His desires, it gets easier. But I am only as good of a teacher as I allow myself to be a tool of His. You keep reminding me, girl, to let my light shine!!! I appreciate it!

      Okay, here's another part of the gold star part. I call them generals. If you have 1 star, you are a one star general. The highest ranking general gets to decide how we "walk" to the other building for specials. It is sooooo fun what they come up with. A fav.- "Deranged Unicorns". What is that??? It just looked like a bunch of yelling and twirling! That's entertainment!

      You are such an encouragement to me! You all get gold stars! Get yourself down here, and I will stick it on your head. And, we'll have coffee cake! Woooohooo!

      Take care, Friend!!!!!


    2. YUMMMMO My son and I loved it.
      Perfect and easy!
      Gold star please..hehe

  6. Heather,
    I had such a great response to my birthday giveaway that I decided to send a little something to two more people. You are one of those secondary winners!
    Please send me your address ASAP and I will get your prize out to you soon.
    Have a great day!|
    Be blessed,

    I couldn't find your email...mine is louch34@yahoo.com


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