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Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's There...

     Okay, I put it on eBay.  I don't know if the price is right, but my husband said I could always change it if it doesn't sell.  He is very wise.  Here is the link: eBay Pincushion Listing
Please don't feel obligated to check it out.  I am interested in honest feedback.  I can revise items before anyone bids on them.  I am not sure I have the shipping calculator set up right and have the right shipping services.  My first attempts at selling, I started my prices at $.99 and with free shipping.  Guess what?  They sold for $.99 cents, and because I had to pay the shipping, I lost money.  So, please give feed back if you can.  Many of you are entrepreneurs and have WAY more experience than me.  If you are an eBay expert, please tell me if my shipping looks okay.  I tried using the shipping calculator to figure out maximum shipping costs for places on the other side of the U.S.  I just don't know if the prices are too steep.  I have other items listed too.  I started creating "Country/Primitive Decor Starter Packs".  They are fun to make.  It is like sending a little home decorator to someone's house. There seems to be a lot of interest.  We'll see if they sell!  My seller's name is "Heathersketter". I'll keep you updated!

Thanks for your help!

Blessings and good night,


  1. Hello. I looked at your Ebay and I haven't sold anything on Ebay...Haven't ever tried to either. I considered it..but never took the plunge...So you will have to tell me how it works for you! As for the prices....You know what you need to get out of them...I guess if things don't sell you can always lower them...Hope it works out! Blessings, Laura

  2. Thank you,Laura! I appreciate the time you took. I took the plunge this year because I got sick of holding on to stuff until our yearly garage sale. Right now, honestly, I have been doing exactly how you said-keep lowering it until it works. But, it is hard with pricing things I have had for a while versus things I have "picked". I was telling Cindi that pricing shipping is the worst! I did calculated shipping, but it seemed to show a really high price. So, I went to flat shipping. So my issue is, trying to price things so that they not so low that I end up paying for the rest of the shipping costs. Ahhh! I will definitely let you know! I so appreciate your feedback. I looked at Etsy, but it has to be vintage, and they have high standards (rightfully so) that I am afraid that I will mess up... I will let you know how it goes! I will see how the pinkeep thing goes. I have more things to fill so... Thanks again for looking! Please be honest at any point when you look and make suggestions!



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