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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Whats & What-Nots...

What to do, what to do...
     I got this egg gathering basket on eBay.  I have always been drawn to them because of their wire look and my prim imagining of their use.  I know farmers and homesteaders may not romanticize the gathering of eggs, but these baskets remind me of a time gone by and a simpler life.  Eggs in Styrofoam?  Not so much. However, I broke my purchasing rule- I must have a spot or use for it.  Ooops, I failed this time. I bought it because I liked it.  So, I need some help.  I want to do something prim with it, but I do not want to just put plastic prim-looking eggs in it.  I want to do something different.  So, what do you think?

Whatcha' Doin'
    Well, I am going to visit a local coffee shop (owned by the sister of Aimee of "My *Pink* Life").  I love their vanilla lattes!  I want to also check out the new decor.  I am showing some artwork there in September.  They have changed their "local art wall" a bit, so I want to "scope" it out before finalizing what I want to put on it.  I am also going to check out some of the local thrift stores to see if there are any bargains or things I can remake and sell.  I do sell some things on eBay, but I am still trying to figure out what sells well.  I am new to the eBay selling and blogging world, so this summer has been an adventure.

What I am NOT Doing...
     Yard work.  I have an electric trimmer now.  My dad gave me one that he was not using.  I fell in love with it just like my other love, Mr. Powerwasher.  I know.  Weird.  But there is great satisfaction is making something neat and clean quickly.  I went to TOWN on the bushes on the one side of our house.  We dug out pathetic looking ornamental grasses and planted hostas.  Now, it just needs edging and mulch.  Why I am not doing any more yard work today?  Allergies..  Allergies to everything.  Last week, within 15 minutes of working outside, I had two huge mosqito bites and a rash from the hedges.  This week I was smart- I wore a long-sleeved shirt.  No rashes, but last night I spent most of the night coughing and sneezing.  My other friend, Sir Benadryl, helped me out.  Only problem- I didn't wake up until 10 am.  I am not a person who sleeps in... Ugh.  So much for the early start! So, I will slice and dice the bushes on the other side of the house another day.  Aaaaachooo!

Coffee Talk for Today: So, what are your "Whats and What-Nots" for today?

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