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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Apples for the Teacher...

     So, another day of In-Service done.  I think this one needs coffee cake too. It all started when there were 8 turkeys blocking my drive to school this morning. 8! They stood and stared at me like I was in THEIR way.  The group split in half, but one stayed in the middle.  I tried reasoning with them, but I don't think they were listening to me.  Great.  Turkeys aren't listening to me.  What does this tell me about the school year? ;) The turkeys started to move to one side, but at the last moment, Tom called his group to the OTHER side.  Indecision may or may not be his problem.  
      See, I live in the country.  Most of my colleagues do not.  So when I say that turkeys, combines, cows, Amish buggies, etc slow me down in the morning, non-country bumpkins just don't get it. So, I usually take pictures with my phone as proof!  But, I'd rather have turkey traffic than the car kind!
     But the day ended with a wonderful surprise!  At first, I thought that it was from outer space (been watching too much Star Trek lately). But, I saw the name- and I knew! Granny Trace!!!  Apples for the teacher!  Yippeeeee!  Here are the goodies I ordered from Trace from Granny Trace Scraps and Squares. They are wonderful!  And, I mustn't forget my pumpkin pinkeep! Awww! I AM SO pulling out my Fall decor this weekend!  Bye-Bye, Summer!
      My dear friend also tucked in some sweet stickers!  Yea! Stickers! Teacher+Apples+Stickers= Happy Teacher. And LOOK! If I hold it in front of the window, it looks like Autumn outside!  Magic!  
     So, here's the summary- turkeys, apples, pumpkins, and stickers for the teacher from a dear friend. And coffee cake.  Again. Oh, yeah, I got a paper cut (But, the coffee cake cancels that out!). A day in the life of a teacher. Not, really, but I'd like to think that for now!

Coffee Talk for Today- When do you plan on putting up your Fall decor?


  1. Hi Heather, Aren't Trace's apples the cutest? I ordered some from her too and just put them out in the middle of my table today. I am starting to decorate for fall this weekend, well kinda now but full force this weekend. Heck it is suppose to be close to 100 on Thursday so it might as well look like fall even though it won't feel like it. LOL I sent out your package today so it should be there by the end of the week. Have a great day!
    Be blessed,

    1. Cindi,
      You know, that is where I first saw the apples and then started following Trace's blog! So, thank you- for your introduction and YOUR friendship.

      You poor thing! 100 degrees!!!!! Ewwww! Today, it was 56 in the morning. A little warmer now, but much cooler than the beginning of the week. But, then again, I have been in my classroom all day for Open House!

      I am so excited about the package! Such things to cheer me up as my summer ends!

      Blessings and Hugs!

  2. Morning
    So happy you like.
    I saw those stickers and just knew they were for you.
    Stickers for the teacher.
    Turkeys tooo..lol
    Truly a coffee cake day..But hey what day isn't.
    Even if I got to crank up the air. hehe

    HUGS & JOY


    1. Hellllooooo!
      How do you know me so well so fast! I love them!!!! They are not sharing stickers. They are ALL MINE!!!

      Heeeheeee- silly turkeys! So funny. Not so much when they are holding you up from work, but you really have to laugh at turkeys!

      We don't need the air today, do we? I think you are right, today and every day is a coffee cake day! I made it the other day with oat bran instead of flour. It was good. More like coffee cake oatmeal. BUT, I felt a little less guilty!


  3. The joys of being a country bumpkin!!! Mind you, I wouldn't have it any other way!
    Just yell, 'THANKSGIVING' and watch those turkeys scatter!!!
    Awww what a sweetheart Trace is! Lovely apples and stickers - she's got you well summed up!
    PS I got your email and hope you got the reply.

    1. LOL! I'll have to remember that next time they block the way (and it does happen often)! You crack me up!!! Trace is a sweetheart. I can't believe she makes those beautiful apples without a pattern! And I so love wool!

      Hope you are well!
      Blessings and hugs back to ya!

      P.S. Back- Did you get my follow up email on my order?

  4. I totally agree with you, I would take turkey etc. traffic over car traffic anytime! Super cute apples and pin keep! I am more than ready for fall, living in Fl. I really don't get the seasons like up north :( Fall is my favorite! I plan on this weekend pulling my goodies out and decorating :)
    *Prim Blessings*
    ~The Olde Willow~

    1. Seriously! Turkeys may give you a dirty look, but they don't yell and blare their car horn at you! Yikes!

      My mother-in-law lives in Florida, she says she misses Fall and Spring. She gets tired of everything being green all of the time! Fall is my favorite too, and I am going to be doing the same as you... Decorating!

      How are you fairing with the Hurricane? Is it affecting you?



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