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Friday, August 10, 2012

A Little Somethin'

     So, here are the fruits of my "labor".  And by labor, I mean sitting on the couch stitching while watching "North & South" based on the book by Elizabeth Gaskell.  It is not the miniseries with Patrick Swayze about the U.S. Civil War.  If you have not read the book by Gaskell or seen the miniseries based on her book, you must (And don't argue with me)!  Wives and Daughters is another of her books and also has a miniseries based on it.  Both television productions are just lovely and are pretty true to the books.  I find when a book is made into a miniseries, it is more accurate because the film makers have more time to devote to accuracy.  Movies have to be 80 minutes or so.  You know someone's favorite is going to be cut for that.  My other favorite movies are Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightley one- even though it does not support my previous argument about miniseries) and the BBC series "Emma".  Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell are my favorite authors.  I have read all of the books by each author, some multiple times, and I am always saddened that both authors are deceased.  That means I can't look forward to any more new books by them. *SNIFF!*

     Ok, back to our stitchery story after that nice little detour.  Wow, I blazed right off the beaten path with that "squirrel" moment.  Sorry!

     Well, the star is finished and at the top of my tree.  Then, I made a pin cushion out of some osnaburg fabric and lace.  I coffee stained it, baked it, and put it in a tin cup (That sounded like a nursery rhyme!).  It looks a bit like a muffin that got too much baking powder, but it was fun to make.  So, now I am hooked.  I made another one that I will put in another post.  That one I may try to sell. MAYbe... This may turn out to be another If You Give a Moose a Muffin moment.
    I actually got this idea from a couple different places.  One, is from my husband's grandmother.  She was known for taking scraps and buttons and making beautiful things.  She made crazy quilt pincushions, pincushions in tiny ceramic containers, sleeves that were bedeckled with buttons to hold rulers.  I will have to show you some of her things in another post. Her things are so beautiful, she needs her own page.  God blessed her with such creativity and a passion to use it!
      I have also seen some great ideas on Pinterest and Our Pioneer Homestead . "Our Pioneer Homestead" has great patterns and tutorials you can use.  She also creates beautiful prim goodies. The link above takes you to the page where she made a pincushion with an old pewter cup.  It makes me want to find interesting old cups! I think that pewter cups would look especially sweet with some cross-stitch work in them. It would be a little more refined.  More work, but cute! I can't do it.  I can't sew in a straight line (LOOK AT THEM!).  I love the work by my new friend, Christine, at Preferably Prim. Ugh!  I think I would need a second job from looking at and buying the beautiful things people make and sell on their blogs! Such talent out there!
So there we have it.  Shortish and sweet.  Shocking, I know!

Coffee Talk for Today:
Today, you can choose your "flavor"-
  • What is a make-do that you especially liked making?
  • What are your favorite movies and/or books?
  • Go on a "rabbit trail" of your own.



  1. Heather as I read this post I came out in goosebumps! Know why? You and I are too alike it's spooky!!lol! (I used to teach in a Christian school before I had my kids)
    I LOVE Elizabeth Gaskell's novels (had to study them as part of my English Lit course) and Jane Austen is wonderful - though I prefer Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle in the BBC series.
    What about George Eliot and the Bronte sisters?
    Anyhow, I'm so glad you showed a pic of your tree and it looks so pretty! Isn't the beauty of primitives the fact that they don't need to look perfect? Love the pinkeep too and thanks for the mention!
    Best wishes

  2. That is so awesome! Awwwww! Kindred spirits across the Atlantic!

    I have Jane Eyre on my Kindle, but then found a bunch of historical fiction Christian romances, and I got distracted. I need to finish it. What other Bronte books do you recommend?

    I love historical fiction. That is how we started teaching history in the classroom the last few years. We adopted a more Classically-based curriculum, which I love! What grade did you teach?

    When I saw your vacation photos, and I saw you were in my stomping grounds, I was so sad! But so happy that you enjoyed those spots as well. I have a couple of favorite shops up above and past the light in Intercourse. I hope you saw them. My mom and I go shopping there often and always get a cookie and coffee at the Jams and Jellies part of Kitchen Kettle. My mom used to work in the Kling House Restaurant. So weird! I saw your pictures of your trip and practically yelled at my husband, "My new friend was at Kitchen Kettle!" But, seriously, I told Steve that we have to go to the other places you went to. They looked awesome!

    Pride and Prejudice versions- I do like the Colin Firth one. It's Colin Firth. It probably is the more accurate of the two. But I love the beauty of the filming of the other one. The different shots and the soundtrack. Ahhhhh. It is my comfort movie when there is nothing but junk on TV. Have you seen the "Emma" BBC/Masterpiece Theater version? I loved it. The music is great too. I don't like the Gwenyth Paltrow version of Emma. It's okay, but the other one is spot-on. I re-read the book to check. :) I got hooked on Elizabeth Gaskell from seeing Cranford and North & South on Netflix. So, I had to get her on my Kindle. I think it was free! Wives and Daughters was good, but the ending was frustrating. Another series I liked was "Candleford to Lark Rise" (Not Gaskell, but a neat series). Ever see that?

    Thank you for your encouragement about the crafts! I do love the "lenient" ways of prims. I started out classic country and swore that I would never like the really prim stuff because it looked "dirty". Hah! I grunge and age everything now! When did you start getting interested in prims? Do many people in Northern Ireland like to decorate that way? You sounded a bit isolated in your style from your blog. It is such a comforting style!

    Thanks again for taking the time to connect and chat! I appreciate it so much!

    God Bless!


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