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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Seeking & Selling...

     Okay, Seekers!  I have added some more giveaways from our friends who are looking for followers (Side column to the left...).  I have enjoyed reading the blogs of so many new friends.  Okay, so yesterday, you know that one of my "Whats" was to go to local thrift stores to hunt for bargains.  If you have Goodwills near you (I know Primcats got some serious bargains there recently), one thing you can do is sign-up for their "Rewards Card".  It is $4 for a year, and the donation goes to further help people through the Goodwill organization.  You get all kinds of special discounts!
     Well, at Goodwill, Wednesdays are "Wacky Wednesdays".  You pick a piece of paper, and you score a discount of 10%, 20%, or 30%.  It just sweetens the bargain.  I got the white and black utensil crock there.  The other thrift store I visit (I can literally walk to it.  I will be out of breath when I get there, but I can!) is called Second Street Consignment Shop.  I find good deals there as well.  The other 3 pictures are from that shop! The proceeds from this shop go to helping young women in India. I got the vintage spice rack for $1!

Many of you have stores where you sell your beautiful wares!  My "business" is the "Seeking & Selling".  I am a picker.  I just don't go into barns or fields.  I am terrified of spiders and ticks. Bleck!

     I sell my things on eBay right now.  For me, it is the easiest way to get rid of my stuff.  I am selling a lot of things from my own home collections and some picked stuff. My pincushion/pinkeep is there, and I will be adding some handmade stuff!

     You know that "exchange" we were talking about?  Since I bought some neat stuff on my Benadryl kick, I need to get rid of things as an "exchange".  Below, I put some little pictures of my offerings.  They aren't the clearest.  I am playing around with a photo program to combine pictures.  I have the worst time placing pictures on this blog!  They never go where I want them. So, I cheated and mushed them together.  But, I need to put them into a higher resolution so they are clearer.  Anywhooo, if you want to check them out, I am selling the items in mini-lots called "Decor Starter Kits". The crock that I "picked" is also there!  My seller name is "Heathersketter".  Thank you in advance for any visits!


Coffee Talk for Today:  Take some time to visit the prayer post and pray for our friends!


  1. Hi Heather, You have some really cute things! I hope to get some extra money sometime so I can get a starter kit! You have a great weekend,
    Be blessed,

    1. Thanks for looking, Cindi! Please don't feel like you have to purchase anything! I mainly need, well, thoughts from you all! But you are just toooooo sweet! I have only been doing this since the middle of the summer. I did the starter kits (we'll see how that goes...) because the idea of loading each one separately- well, it is kind of overwhelming. That may be the next step! Figuring out how much to ask for has been difficult. But I am learning! I keep dropping my starting prices to see what works. I don't think I like the "Buy It Now" feature. I think it is a hindrance to buyers. But, it was free for a week, so... The worst- shipping! I do NOT understand that part. I know how to print the label and package, but the shipping calculator was making it too high. A nice buyer/seller helped me to realize that! So, I went to flat rates. Ugh. I don't know how you all do it! But thank you for being such a dear and taking the time to check it out!!! I REALLY appreciate it! Any feedback on pricing or looks or anything is helpful! Be honest!



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