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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Makin', Flippin', & Goodies in the Mail...


I must admit, this was like last weekend.  Not much done this week!
I coffee stained my grandma's old doilies.  They were just too white.  I need to fix the one with spots.  I used a pizza pan to put them in the oven. Ooops.  I am thinking about offering the homemade goodies on my own selling page instead of eBay.  I will continue to offer my flipped items on eBay.
So, here's one of my little prairie doll pouches.  I planned on them to be able to hang on a peg. But as you see in the second picture, she's a lazy gal.  She keeps tilting over.  I need to fix that. What do you think?  A wire on the back?  Ribbon or lace hanger?
Here is my attempt at crazy quilting for my pincushions.
And finally, my apple pie for the church function last Sunday.  Apple Pies are the one thing I make well.  My husband is really the cook in our family! :)


Between Goodwill and Shupp's Grove, I found some goodie to sell on eBay.  Total purchase for the haul-$16.50.  There are some antiques, vintage items, and handmade folk art.  I will try to post them tonight! :)
It looks like an older courting candle that someone sprayed with textured paint.  It is a grey/blue with rusty areas.  It would look great with berries or pumpkins in the middle.  It is really deep!

This is a wall hanging.  But, it needs something.  I may paint it and letter it with "Welcome".  What do ya'll think?

Goodies in the Mail... 

It is a blessing to look around the house and see the works of the hands of my dear blogging friends.  I feel like I can have a part of y'all over for coffee!  I should arrange the things around the kitchen table and have a little tea party like when I was a kid (Okay, so that was last week. Shhhh...).
Salmon Falls Prims- She let me pick my colors!
The Tin Crow- It goes with my crow shelf sitter and little crows that I also purchased from her- Sooo prim!
The acorns are from Angela's Prim Attic and the quilt piece I found on eBay.  It is part of a Civil War quilt- prim and a teaching tool!  Perfect!
And, my dearest purchase- A penny rug and stump doll from my dear friend, Christine!  I was so excited to get a package from a kindred spirit from across the pond!  I just love them!  And the pillow is a creation of hers too!  They are definitely treasures from a treasured friend. 


  1. You did do well! Can't blame it on the Benadryl this time!!!
    I love the acorns and stars but I ahve to say the prairie stump doll looks right at home with you!
    Thanks so much for the mention!
    Blessings dear Anne girl!
    Now I sound like Marilla!!

    1. Awww, Diana,
      I can't blame it on Benadryl, you're so right! I am selling my non-homemade items on eBay and swapping them for the good homemade stuff. So, I guess right now, I am breaking even instead of profit! Ooops. Although! I am on medicine for my cold, soooooo...

      Oh, and my prairie girl's name is Diana. She says, "Hi!" She is very much at home! :) She has already requested coffee cake in a cup, so I think she is over her jet lag...

      Blessings to you, my not-so-ravened-haired dear friend! It is always good to hear from you!!!!

      You can sound like Marilla, that's okay. Just so you aren't Rachel Lynde... Eeek!

      Blessings and Love to Ya!


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