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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hay, Diddle, Diddle... The Class and the Fiddle...

     Hello, Friends!  Long time, no speak!  Thank you for all of your prayers for my first week back at school! They were greatly felt!  I am starting to get to know my "new family" and how they operate. We have covered a milestone this week- we went on our first field trip!  We went to the Hay Creek Festival held at Joanna Furnace.  Friday was "Student Day", so students entered free.  We learned some fascinating lessons about machinery, crafts, history about the Colonial time period all the way to the 1800's and the Civil War!  It was very fun, but extremely hot, day!
Here are some things I learned about my new class:
  • The boys are like a bunch of old men, sitting on every bench while the "women" shopped (HELLO!  There were prim items for SALE!),
  • My one little guy is a business card collector for his mom, since she likes these kinds of crafts too (Isn't that cute!?).
  • The class was fascinated by rug hooking (and I was LOVING what the woman was offering!)  The boys kept saying, "Look at how expensive it is!"  All the while, I kept saying, for the millioneth time, to stop touching everything!  They are a very tactile class (Note to self for designing lessons).  After the girls and I "yelled" at the boys that it was expensive because of the craftsmanship involved, I got them setttled down.  Except for one little guy, his remark was, "That's why I like massed produced stuff."  Needless to say, he got part 2 of my lesson-"The importance of craftsmanship and supporting local businesses" with a bonus of "Cheaper is Not Always Better". Silly kids!!!!
    "So, let me tell you about the lice..."
  • Some of my kids apparently can't read signs that say "Do Not Touch," although they are in large print with a grumpy guy standing beside it!  My biggest "tactile" learner picked up the antique knife and promptly got yelled at by grumpy guy.  Which I was fine with.  Apparently his voice was much scarier than mine.  However, seriously, the knife was sitting smack in the front of the table.  HELLLLOOOO!  What boy is NOT going to be tempted to touch it!  It's Kid's Day!  Good grief! Well, he got yelled at by the guy and the girls in the class.  They sounded like little mothers, "Uh, there's a sign!" LOL!
  • My students aren't great auditory learners or at putting 2 and 2 together (They were a little dehydrated, so I will cut them some slack.Seriously).  There was this HILarious, Colonial man who played many different instruments.  He started talking about the different countries that the instruments came from.  Well, he started rattling off "Do you speak...?" in different languages. So, most of the students started catching on a bit as to what country the phrase was about and that the phrases all asked if you could speak that language.  Ok.  Remember that part of the story. So, the man says, "Sprechen sie deutsch?"  I nicely added, "Ok, that's German."  The man turns to my one little guy, again after it has been established that the phrase is repeatedly asking if you can speak a certain language, and asks," What did I just ask in German?"  My student replies,"Do you have beer?"  He wasn't joking.  We all just starred at him.  I had to walk away because I was going to die laughing. Well, I guess he was dehydrated.
  • My class is very verbal, but this can be good!  They were bold enough to ask questions and were pleasant and said thank you to all they talked to.
  • They are a giving class.  They weren't supposed to bring money so they wouldn't lose it (Who brought money and lost $7?  The girl with 2 thumbs and is a teacher- this gal! )  Kids were lending money freely back and forth.  2 girls bought everyone drinks because we were DYING of thirst.  (I owe her $3.50 myself.  She took pity on her teacher because the teacher lost her own money.)
"Do you want beer?"
It was a lovely trip, really.  They are a really fun group! I learned a lot myself.  I learned about the job of a wheelwright.  I learned a lot about antique instruments.  One tidbit I found facinating, and I guess I just never thought about it, was that instruments were smaller and made to have a mellower, softer sound because they were made to be played in someone's parlor. I should start using that- "Parlor voices please, students!"
     Hmmm, well, here are a few more pictures of my classroom this year including my new "command center". The trend in teaching now is not to have a desk. Yeah.  That's not a trend I will be following  any time soon!

     God is such a gracious and loving God!  He has surrounded me with family and friends, new and old, that are covering me and my class in prayer.  He has blessed our school with almost 150 students, including a Middle School now.  2 years ago, we barely had 50 students and thought we would close.  God taught us that HE is in control.  It is not us, our curriculum, or our facilities. IT IS HIM! It brought tears to my eyes to see a chapel on Tuesday that was half full of students!  I have been there 12 years.  I was the first 4th grade teacher they had.  Let me tell you, it was a sight I never dreamed of seeing.  Please continue to keep our growing school in your prayers.  We are out of space!  We really need a new building for next year.  Please pray for funds and also wisdom on the parts of the School Board, Church, and others who work with facility needs.  What an exciting time!   
Thank you for listening and praying, Dear Friends!

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."


  1. Ok so I would of loved to go on that field trip!! It sounds like you had fun :)How funny the kids comment about the dutch phrase, never a dull moment :) Your class room looks great!
    ~Prim Blessings~
    The Olde Willow

    1. Jen,
      Thank you for your comment! It was a lot of fun!!! A lot of talented crafts-people with awesome prims. It was sooooo hot. We were all seriously dehydrated. The little girls who bought us drinks would only buy us water, not because it was cheaper, but because she said, "Nothing hydrates you better than water!" So, we listened! Oh, they were all too funny!

      Thanks for the compliment on the classroom. It still needs tweaking. Having 4 tables instead of 3 and changing some centers around for more room makes me poke and prod at things constantly. Even students' chairs while they are still in them!

      How have you been?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love your class! I also commend you for wanting to understand them, how they learn, etc. Beer! Too cute. And it's so interesting how they are already in "their roles" at such a young age. And who leaves a knife out when a field trip is coming through? Ugh. Your classroom is adorable and it almost makes me want to finish my teaching degree.....but not quite ;) you're such a great teacher and I look forward to more posts like this!

    1. Christina,
      Thank you so much! You are really too kind! One thing with smaller class sizes, it does give you the manageable opportunity to really get to know each child. I have also been blessed with knowing most of them since Kindergarten. They are hilarious. I wish I could show everyone their pictures, they are so cute. The boys sitting on benches waiting for the womenfolk! LOL! I am sure with their big personalities, there will be more posts like this... ;)

      So what kind of teaching degree were you going for? That is cool! But, you use that same set of skills being such a great mom and wife!

      Blessings and hugs!

  3. Oh how you make me laugh! But seriously, the kids you have this year sound like they will be an awesome group to teach AND they are willing to look after you!!
    Command away from your control center - it's going to be a GREAT year!
    With you in prayer!
    PS I visited Morgantown v. briefly last year to buy wool from a little store that has since closed and I didn't even know about the Blue Snickel! So I'll just have to tell hubby that and we can come back!!!

  4. Oh what a funny good post.
    How fun that trip must have been besides for the heat.
    So happy cooler temps are here.
    Love the command center.



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