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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Well, the top is finalized...

Original Guidelines- CLICK HERE!
     I loved all of your ideas! I appreciate the time you took to participate. Although I may not have used your exact idea for the top, I have learned much and am using the ideas throughout the house.

     So, (unless voters bum rush the post in the next hour) it looks like idea #10, the last, late entry is the keeper. My mom liked it as well.  Her vote counts too... :)
     Some of you suggested some Fall items or the doll as an addition (I believe the award for most posts about gourds and pumpkins and Fall DOES go to Granny...). I don't have my tub o' Autumn decor up yet, so I will add more later. Here is an idea of some of your Fall ideas   I love awesome Autumn additions (See what I did there?  Alliteration... Fancy...)!

The Marm won't be up there. She is just showing you the top "Vanna White" style. 

     All of you that helped and commented- gold stars all around. At midnight, no more gold stars for the top, BUT, we move on to the (insert dramatic music of your choice)... Shelves!  Ooooh! Ahhhhhh!

     Well, obviously, this post is late. Why? Well, working on my classroom. Still. Here are some updates... (Really.  It is better...)
Good night, dear friends... More makeover madness mañana! I did it again!  I am on fire with this alliteration thing.  Okay. Well.  Really, that is all I've got!

Off to bed!
Love and Hugs!


  1. Aww sweet..
    Happy morning day wishes to you
    Hugs x

  2. Looks wonderful - I pulled out some of my Fall things yesterday, but only managed to get a few of them up so far. Have a lovely day Heather - I bet you get your Pin keep today!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh happy day!!
    Love it..
    Silly Ole Sal!!
    Hope your day is wonderful.
    Woolie Hugs


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