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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

For Your Consideration...

Hey! Look at that!  I remembered to put a title.  Genius!  So this picture of "bricks" is some wallpaper I picked up for $4 a roll.  I bought two.  They are textured and have a lot of the colors through out the room.  Now, I am only going to make an accent wall out of it.  I haven't showed hubby it yet, I figure that I would tape it up so he can see what I am thinking.

Old Arrangement
     So, here are some areas I need your opinion on.  I wish you all could come over for coffee and help me figure it out.  I get in a holding pattern sometimes, moving things and then staring at them for a while.  But,  I feel like I am always in a pattern of staring at different arrangements for awhile.  
     Ugh.  I have these little houses on my window sill right now.  Above is what it looked like before.  I am not sure if I am loving the houses or not.  Do you think this is the right place to display them?

      Okay, so this is really where I need help.  This is the hutch I told you about yesterday.  I want it to be like a buttery.  First off, the top.  It doesn't have to be a buttery, but I feel like it is too busy.  I have other big crocks and such I could use.  What would you take off or what would you leave? Ugh.
     Then, the middle shelves...  I have looked at all kinds of pictures of primitive butterys.  I have some old bowls and crocks and such.  I can't find any example that is similar to my style hutch.  I just feel like the shelves and top are very hodge podgey.  That isn't bad necessarily, but what do you think?  I just think there are too many things, and your eye doesn't have a focal point.

Well, that's it for now!  Thanks for stopping by to help me decorate!  Feel free to have as much coffee as you would like!

Still have some items for sale on eBay.  I also have other goodies for sale on the pages on the tabs at the top of the page "The Marm's Pinkeeps and Hand-dids" and "The Marm's Treasures for Sale".  I have seen other blogging friends who have stopped selling on eBay.  I am really debating that one too.  One week, there are lots of views of items.  Then, this last time, there were a lot that had zero.  I am heading in the direction of selling on the blog and on Facebook.  Stay tuned... :)

Love and Hugs!!!!


  1. Hope there might be some English breakfast tea going?.. I wish I could stop by and help you but HEY!!! I just bought some brick wallpaper too for a feature wall!! What a coincidence!
    I just need hubby to get around to putting it up!
    You have so many wonderful prims on top of your hutch
    Have you tried putting groups of the same kind of item, eg. Yellow ware or redware or jugs or plates of different sizes in the shelves?
    Might work but I'm sure you'll have fun trying it out!
    Blessings in Him

  2. Aww such sweetness..I love everything so much.
    Big hugs x

  3. You have some great prims, if it was me I would start with just clearing everything off the shelves and top and then start with one or two items to place back and just go from there. Have fun!

  4. I have a family member who used a similar brick covering on half of her walls with wallpaper on the upper half. Very cute.

  5. Heather, The hardest thing to do is "thin" ... but I think you need to a bit... I struggle with this too.. I love my goodies... but I am slowly learning less is more... not easy teaching this olde lady new tricks... Take everything off and "play" it will fall into place! OLM

  6. I am in the process of "thinning" too. It is very hard. I want to clear off the tops of my cupboards. I personally like your houses on the window sill. Have a wonderful day and let us see what you do.

  7. Thank you all for your advice and ideas. Well, I cleaned it off! Now, I need help in what to do! P.S. BettyJ... I am leaving the houses... :)

    The Marm

  8. Ok...I want to offer a few ideas!! I love the idea of reorganizing for fresh ideas.
    I would start by putting the crocks on the very top..all the way across and then put some of the smaller ones in front of them. Enought that it feels homey but not crowded.
    I would leave not but the houses on the window sill. It is cute but a fresh start will make you happy! Do you have any potato smashers..they would be cute or maybe a cute fall garland for now??
    I will post on the next one too!! Dianntha


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