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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Okay... Time to come up with a plan, Stan!

      So, we have gotten some great ideas. I am working on my classroom today, and I need to get an early start.  So, I GUESS you can weigh in until tonight. Then, I will put together some options, and the voting polls will open!!! So, stay tuned!  Please look back over the last few posts to see others' great ideas and offer some of your own! Lots of great Fall ideas!  "Oh, Steve! I need you to lug up the Fall decorations container!!!!" Aww, he is going to be SO grateful to ya'll!

     Until tonight! Have a wonderful day!!!
Blessings and Love,
The Marm


  1. Hi dear friend! Hope you got the classroom looking good and now can work on the buttery. Fall is definitely on everyone's minds so I'm afraid Steve's just going have to go for the box!
    God bless this
    Lord's Day!


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