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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Read the Disclaimer First! Please.

DISCLAIMER! Hello.  Remember me?  I sometimes go by the same "Anne Shirley". If you are familiar with said Anne with an "e", then you know this can go as badly as walking the ridge of a house or trying to dye your red hair.  May work for some.  Others, the chosen few, it becomes an "Anne Moment".  So with that in mind... Be careful if you try this at home.  I am not an expert.  I browse Pinterest.  Oh, and I also go by the name of "Cordelia".

On with the show...

     So, I wanted to print on fabric.  Everyone else was doing it.  They used freezer paper.  I thought, 'Why can't you use wax paper?  The Pinterest article used the terms interchangeably. (SEE!!!  Anne on Pinterest!  Can you imagine the trouble?  Home hair dye ideas?  Not good!) I am going to try it (Abort!  Abort!  Pull up!  Pull up!)'
Awwww, Mama.  Daddy is NOT going to be happy...

I got the WAX PAPER out of the printer.  Eventually.  SO, then I got to thinking (Dangerous stuff...), since I am not going to go buy freezer paper because of the questions I would have to answer:
Gilbert- "Where you going?" 
Anne- "To go buy freezer paper."
Gilbert- "Why?"
Anne- "To put in the printer."
Gilbert- "Wait. What?  Why..."
Anne- " I want to print on it."
Gilbert- "Won't it get jammed."
Great question, Gil!

     So, the solution remains, what can I find at home to jam up the printer? Clear sheet protectors.  With like 2 sheets of paper.  With the holes cut off. Not all the way.  Because then, you have TWO page protector to jam.  Yea.  Also, I have an inkjet printer.  Lasers are hot.  Plastic melts.  Don't do it.

     Yippee!  It didn't jam!  I tried different ways- pressing the plastic and rubbing on to the cloth, etc... I finally found that if I stick the sheet on top of the cloth with a towel inbetween that and a warm iron.  And the cloth was a little damp (barely). And I rubbed over the towel slowly (Making sure that the iron isn't too hot.)- you can get a decent image (that I don't think is waterproof).  Aww, I forgot to reverse the image!   Well, it is dark!
     So there are lots of free graphics out there.  I like graphicsfairy.blogspot.com.  That is where I got these.  After a bit, I was able to transfer images pretty well.  I used one for my doll's apron.  I did tea stain it a bit. I also found that you should really clean off the plastic when you are ready to do another image.  It gets a build-up otherwise that prevents the ink from coming off as well.  A little rubbing alcohol did the trick.  I found that an image turned out crisper if the picture was a little less complex (the backwards numbers turned out great!).

Make-do: MAKE IT OVER!

What's the quickest way to primify something? Modge podge, cinnamon, nutmeg, and instant coffee.  Also, a little cheese cloth can't hurt...

     I loved the pie top. Thirty-five cents at a thrift shop? Perfect!  Bust out the modge podge.  So, I primified it and added an old tin pie pan.  Threw some cinnamon rose hips and...


Want Some Cider With That?

 Okay!  For this, I took a brown root beer bottle.  Since it had raised lettering, and I didn't feel like doing a lot of layers, I let the cheese cloth do the work for me.   I am still trying to figure out a topper for it.  I thought maybe a piece of corn cob?  The label I made on grocery bag paper with some letter stampers and spelling the quality of some of my fifth graders...

She's a Grand Ol' Flag...

     While most of you have jumped the Summer Ship and swam directly to Fall, I am still trying to hang on to Summer (and when I say summer, I mean the break part.  NOT the heat...). So, I am still playing with Americana.  I know.  Americana can be all year, and some will.  But I have pumpkins like you all have pumpkins, and something has to move out!

Quick Americana Touches...

     I showed you before how you can use a metal floral frog to display flags.  I bought forty cent flags  and primified them.  You can tuck flags ANYWHERE, but sometimes you want a holder.  Here are two different prim holders I tried.  Now, if you don't mind floppy, just stick the flag in the hole.  If you want it to stick in a little better, a little piece of cheese cloth on the bottom should do the trick.  I even like it with the cheese cloth peeking out!

Well, that's all I've got!  I think I have released enough virtual hot air into the Information Superhighway! Remember our talk from the beginning, okay? Truly...

Thank you all for sticking with me through my spotty blogging.  Great intentions this summer.  Poor follow-through.  But I appreciate your friendships!  I can't say that enough!!!

Love and Hugs!

What a Friend We Have in Jesus


  1. Girl! You made me smile!
    I adore Anne Shirley... so much so that I named my daughter Emily Anne (with an E). ~smile~ She reminds me of Anne, too, very dramatic.

    Hi Heather,
    After I posted J.R. Miller's homemaking rule today, I figured I'd better obey it. After all, my husband gets my blog through his e-mail!!!

    So, I went to the hall closet and took everything out. I couldn't believe how much stuff was in there! I sorted, tossed, and put things back in. I almost finished, but I had to stop to go to church. I'll finish tomorrow.

    Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Laura,
      Hey! I am doing a closet project too. I just need lumber. And someone to put up the shelves. THEN I can organize it! Our hall closet is weird. It is above the stairs, so the floor is slanted. That bothers me to no end. So I am converting it into a pantry. People can find somewhere else for their coats... ;)

      Anne just has to be spelled with an "e". I can see why Miss Shirley is particular about it!

      You are too sweet to stop by! I appreciate it!

      Hugs and blessings,

  2. Wow.. You have been a creative genius there Heather.. Love it all..
    Hope you are having a blessed summer ...
    Take care, my friend.. xo

    1. How are you, dear friend? Hmmm, I think Miss Pinterest is the creative genius. I just follow along... ;) My summer is going well. I am a little nervous about school starting. It is starting late because they are adding on to the school. So more summer! Yea! I have to move my classroom one week before school starts. Awwww.

      I so want to come visit you at the Bay sometime. It looks beautiful! I have been watching your weather. Looks like you got some rain this summer! I used to teach about the Bay of Fundy during my science lessons on tides. :)

      I will stop by to visit you tonight! Thank for coming by!!!

      XO right back!

  3. Aww so sweet..
    You made me smile :)
    Big hugs x

    1. Big hugs back!!!! YOU make me smile!

  4. Oh Anne with a E!!
    I love you.
    You surely always make me laugh.
    Love all your new projects your are a busy MARM!
    Woolie Hugs

    P.s I will dye your hair red anytime you are ready ;)

    1. Steve laughs sometimes at the dumb stuff I do. Not always. He is a good hubby. I have brainwashed him to like prims. At the beginning of our marriage he would have seen the bottle or pie and gone, "Ehhh." Now, he likes it. You are an Anne too. Can you imagine if we grew up together like Anne and Diana? We would both have red hair and fall off of buildings. But, boy, would we laugh!!!!!

      Love and hugs!

  5. Love your transformations! You are so talented!

    1. Thank you! You are sweet! Thank you for stopping by!

      Blessings and hugs!

  6. Oh Anne with an e! Diana here, ever so sensible as always just hoping you don't have any more 'scrapes'!!!!
    I would love to try printing those but I'm scared of wrecking DH s printer!

    And I'm with you dear friend- hang on to summer as long as possible! You know I love Americana too!

  7. Hello Cordelia! heehee! We love these shows and watch Anne with an E whenever we want something fun to watch. LOVE your precious doll! And I've always wanted to print on fabric, too....but haven't been as brave as you! Love your fun post! Happy weekend my friend!


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