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Monday, August 26, 2013

Oooooh, it's a gettin' good!

      Oooh!  This is getting good!  Feel free to ask for additions of any of the items from the shopping list!  I can change it around and add new ideas tomorrow! So far, we have 10 different looks!  But, I can make 11 or 12 or...

     BUT, tomorrow's the last day for making any changes and voting on the top of the hutch. Thank you all for making this fun for me!  Seriously, I am learning so much about design and how less is more- I am even applying what you are all teaching me all over my house!  I will do a Fall Tour later.  Steve will be happy when this is over.  You should see the dining room table with all of the stuff! 

     Sorry the pictures got way worse in quality by the end of the list.  The sun went down, and it was hard to hold the light out of the way AND take a picture! I was almost literally swinging from the chandelier.  Well, I wouldn't be swinging for long.  Doing a face plant on a table full of pottery and baskets... Not pretty.  Yikes.  I will try to retake some for tomorrow!

     Tomorrow, I will be working on school clutter.  Yea.  Seriously, it is exciting having a new classroom!  I haven't had one for 9 years.  At first, like I said, I was sad.  But now, seeing the possibilities and SPACE!  Wooohoo!  And the trash cans loaded with junk.  Ahhhhh.  Feels good! Moving rooms was something I dreaded and feared and dug my heels in about.  I couldn't think how the change would be good.  I journalled about it at the beginning of the summer in my devotional journal.  I was worried and angry.  A lot of fuss about something when God knew best.  Now, when I see the pieces fall together, I see how His plan was the right one.  Dumb me thinking otherwise...  I was holding on so tight to what I thought was how it should be, I lost out on the peace from opening my hand to let God take it and lead me to what HE WANTED.  Ugh.
Sal Photobomb, Granny...

     So, again, vote on the other post for your favorite look, or feel free to ask me to change out something with an item on the shopping list- a basket, a spool, sunflowers... Whatever!  I won't be home from school until around 6pm, so be sure to post and then check back at night (if you feel like it).  Don't comment on this post (unless you just want to say, "Hey!").  This is just a babbling post on my part...

Well, all righty then.  I will see myself out.  Wait.  I live here. Hmmm.  Awkward...



  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I needed my glasses but I am found SAL!!
    So funny.
    Praying for you my friend.
    Its hard when GOD wants us to move and we don't like change do we...
    Reminds me of a old song by FFH.
    Lord move or move me..Sometimes simple things become big mountains.
    Lovin this fun hutch stuff.
    My vote is still for #10.
    May our Lord fill you with His peace, love and most of all JOY today. Strength is good too.
    Woolie HUGS
    Granny T

  2. My dear friend me sending you lots of love and prayers.
    Hmmm I love all but yes my vote is for no.10 too.
    Cucki x

  3. Change is so difficult. You are definitely not alone there. It's easy to say that God knows best but we are stubborn and proud. I'm so thankful God still loves us and blesses us.
    Praying for you,


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