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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Empty Hutch... Empty Room... Can you hear the echo? Echo...

      ***  Those of you who are just reading this post: Please note the change of guidelines for the giveaway below.  Teacher is trying to make this easier for her students... This general post will close for comments at 12 am PST tonight (8/25).  Look for the next post tomorrow to help me decorate!!!***

Ugh.  The last few days have been emptying ones.  First, I took ya'lls advice and emptied the hutch (Mostly...). Okay.  Empty.  Now what?  Well, my creative juices have fallen to another empty area.  Moving my classroom.  **Insert foreboding music of some kind... your choice...**

     Let me show you the hutch first, since most of you are probably reading this because, well, ya like primitives.  If you really want to know about the Schoolmarm in the blog's title, that part is at the end.  Okay?  Fair warning...

     So this is all of the junk treasures I took off.  When you are doing a complete overhaul, I would suggest grouping your items into like categories.  For example, put your crocks together on your work area, or textiles, or however you wish.  Reason?  Well, it is easier to shop in a grocery store for items that are grouped, so, it is easier to "shop" your own items when redecorating.

    So, now what... Now what??? I am not sure what to put back on!  Like I said in the previous post, I would like to go for a primitive buttery look.  Here are 3 things I would like to accomplish:
          1.  Well, "The Look"
          2.  Less cluttered, thinned out.
          3.  Balance and grouping to allow the eye to focus.

You can see what items to "shop" on the table.  What suggestions do you have for the 3 zones?
Zone 1- The main large area
Zone 2- Shelf #1
Zone 3- Shelf #2
Zone 4- The top

     Now, it's your turn as my dear friends who can't be here in body, but are present in spirit, to voice what would you like to see.  I will try your ideas, and then post them for you to vote on.   

When we get "the look", we will celebrate with a Giveaway!  Rules for the Giveaway:

1. Be a follower. 

2. Post on the first post that is open with your desire to be entered. For the "extra credit"- see below!

Now, for extra credit you can:
1. FOR EACH ZONE- Make a viable suggestion in the form of a sentence (An example of an answer that would get a big, fat X would be- "Move a crock to a shelf.").  I have listed zones, and I will do a post per zone for us to play around with.  Once you and I are somewhat satisfied, we will "close" the postings for that zone at midnight and move on to the next zone.

2. You can only make one VIABLE suggestion per post.  BUT, each post in which you make a suggestion on counts as extra credit.

3. If I don't use your idea, it doesn't mean you won't get credit, or that I don't like it. Please don't feel sad if I don't use it.  I will feel sad. Charlie will feel sad.  Bailey will feel sad.  And that, my friends, is a stinky giveaway.

4. I will declare the entire hutch finished with my husband giving the final vote that he likes the whole thing.

5. I will then give one week fair warning for anyone who wants to enter by just leaving a comment on the FINAL POST (The reveal of the finished, husband-approved hutch). It will be titled "Final Answer".

6. In that final post, I will announce the date at which I will pick the winner.

***You do NOT have to post this giveaway in your blog.  I am not going to give extra credit for that because some of you don't have blogs.  But, if you want to, here is a funny picture you can use.  Be sure you link to this post if you use it because all of my wacky directions are on it.  Really you all get an extra post for just reading the directions (More that what some students do!  Did I say that out-loud?)***

Hmmmm... What do you win? A box of prim goodies.  To be revealed as we go...

     And now to "The Marm" part.  Okay, so here is my old classroom.  Empty.  9 years of memories of dear children. Everyone at school keeps remarking on how big my classroom is without the stuff in it.  Well, duh, of course it is!  It is missing desks and children and projects and centers and comfy chairs and well, you get it.  Here is my new room, new style, waiting for organization and new memories...

More to be revealed later...

Here are just some silly pictures.  I posted these on Facebook because Charlie needs to go into hiding because he ripped up a couch pillow and the corner of my "Home is Best" pillow.  So, he is in "hiding".  He kind of looks like Ponch from "C.H.I.P.S."! LOL!  Well, Charlie, if that truly is him, says, "Let the giveaway begin"!  Put in your request below, and if you like, you can make a suggestion for the decor of the hutch.  I will post more pictures of specific items to "shop" through to place on the hutch in a few days.  Let's just brainstorm now, okay!  Thank you all for reading, encouraging, helping, whatever part you play...You are appreciated!

Love and hugs,


  1. OK, here is my thoughts... quickly waiting for a phone call to greet our nephew coming home with his dad from basic.... Crock in a group of three from & center on the very top.... baskets on either side in a grouping if you have it... Textiles on the zone 3 shelf folded....I will have to come back and peek some more... but I am also thinking... your long tote would look great filled with buttery items... spoons, paddles, etc, things like that if you have them? OLM

  2. Here are some basic decorating suggestions~ odd numbers, 3,5 or 7 of items work best; add softness with some fabric; different height items together, thin and fat along with tall and thin(odd numbers); Large items on top, 2 baskets on one side and one large one on the other;something eye catching at eye level. Good luck! It should be fun!Good luck on the new school year as well.

  3. Holy Moly!
    Lots of rules and stuff.
    I like the buttery idea.
    Crocks, wooden groupings and textiles.
    Less yes..But wow we like stuff.
    And thrifting. but if you sell we can buy more stuff.
    Gourds would look great too.
    A seasonal buttery.
    Pumpkins and woolie apples of course.
    Oh my.
    I dont know ask Charlie.hehe
    Oh my your classroom...Memories.
    And new ones to make.
    Hugs love and prayers.
    Granny T

  4. You have a lot of work to do...both places! LOL I am glad you have some friends that have good eyes...me not so very good. I do agree with putting less and like things together. LOL I get an "F" for copying don't I? LOL Good luck friend!
    Be blessed,

    1. You certainly do NOT get an "F"! This is making it easier that there is agreement among all of you! AND, I appreciate you, dear friend, for taking the time to visit and comment! :)

      Love, Heather

  5. Great suggestions already!
    I do what you do when i remove things...grouping always works the best.

  6. Well, like the first post, I would put all the large and medium crocks on the very top. Make it homey but not crowded.
    On the top shelf I am thinking a larger bowl, maybe some a pumpkin or how about a fall salt and pepper shaker??
    On the second shelf how about 3 smaller bowls that are cute either solid fall colors or three idenical bowls with candy corns or fall leaves??
    On the bottom, well, I love the wooden tool box. I would fill it with wooden spoons and old spoons and other old utensils. If you have an old flour sifter or other older tools I would add them too.
    Now I love to add lights (with night light bulbs). Lights make everything so homey. I have one that has a base and then you change what is sitting on it..but find something that might look like a candle. I would add touches of each season just to keep it updated and fresh. But for sure add things you love and make you happy!!
    Hope you like a few of my ideas!! Blessings, Dianntha

  7. Oh, I forgot. I can always send you some sweater pumpkins!! Dianntha

    1. Good grief! How did I miss this? Gee, I would like to buy a sweater pumpkin!!!! Can I still buy one??? Awww... I am such a goof!


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