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Monday, August 26, 2013

Help the Marm Giveaway! Top to Bottom- Decorating Zone #4

For rules, please refer to this post.

Okay, so I thought we'd work on the top specifically.  Here is what I learned from your advice:
  • LESS STUFF! Large objects for the top.
  • Crocks, baskets, and some seasonal decor.
  • Work in groups of 3,5, or 7 (that is what my mom said too).
  • Crocks (in a group of three) in the middle with baskets or gourds to the side.
  • Two large baskets to one side and one large one to the other.
  • Different heights and thicknesses of objects.
  • Lots of crocks in a grouping.

Here is the "Shopping List".  I tried to include some things you mentioned:



 Other Things to Give Height or Interest...

     So! Now what?  Here are my attempts to put your ideas into action... I apologize, well, you see which ones you think I should apologize for! I do apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I was trying to hold the hanging light out of the way while taking the picture with my iPod... Smooth...
Idea 1:
 Idea 2:

 Idea 3:
 Idea 4:
 Idea 5:
 Idea 6:
 Idea 7:
 Idea 8:
 Idea 9:
Idea 10: (Late entry- great help from a very sweet Ohio Farmgirl!)

Idea.... ???
 This post will close at Midnight (PST) on Tuesday. So give ideas, adds, subtracts, replaces, "yea's" or "nay's", and then I will finalize the top and close this post.  So make your thoughts known by then to get your extra credit.  If you are new, please let me know that you want to be entered.  If you want extra credit, feel free to comment.  Refer back to the first post here for the horrifyingly long list of rules and hoops for you to jump through because that is the mean-spirited teacher I am!  Muuuhhhaahaaahaaaa!

AND, as always, thank you for visiting and helping me!  This means a lot!  Truly!

Check on Wednesday for the next post in this saga:  the finalized top and the challenge for the next zone!

Blessings and hugs!

The Crazy Schoolmarm


  1. Wow everything is looking so lovely..all the ideas are truly sweet.
    Big hugs
    Happy Monday
    Love x

  2. I like idea 5 but do you have a picture that is bigger (wider) more of a rectangle instead of a square??? Love the addition of the chair for interest!

  3. I know nothing really about decorating... just like what I like. All your decor is beautiful and interesting but of all your pics I think I like 2 the most but if it were mine and being the flower child I am; I'd spill some sunflowers out of the baskets and use that awesome penny rug somehow as well.
    Your crock collection is scrumptious!

  4. Love it Marm..
    I love the picture up there but kinda partial to the egg sign too.
    Love the chair ..crocks oh and the butt baskets and gourds rock!!
    So I can't makeup my mind either..lol

  5. Ok I'm back and still can't find Sal!!
    But have decided I love Hutch idea #10 best!!

  6. ok, I like 2 with a large sign or pic behind it. 6 would look nice with the gourds in the middle,10 looks nice, but I would move the penny rug to the middle shelf. You have so many nice things, I can see why you are having a hard time deciding. I would want to use them all, but less is more. Looking good.
    Can't wait to see what you decide.
    Blessings~ Sara

  7. I realize I didn't comment on your first post, but was looking at your picts. I definetly like the sign or the photo in the middle. With that said, I liked Ideas 5 or 6, but after going through all of them, I really like Idea...?? 11?...the last one:)

  8. The top of the hutch I love idea 2 the best ...and next the last one.
    Something sweet about a gourd leaning on a crock with baskets.

  9. Oooh..I was going to pick #6 until I got to the bottom of your posts....love the last one the best, but why not stick your cute doll in the chair again and I think it would be wonderful!
    I've got to get some new things up on my Hoosier this week. Fall is a'comin'....whether I want it to or not!

    Hugs dear! Thanks for the fun!

  10. Hi Heaher you are doing GREAT! Hang in there cos it will look amazing! I love idea no. 2 and perhaps you could wind some pip around for fall? It's just that I love it!

  11. I think I should get a award for the most comments in one day..lol
    Definitely #10 with some gourds, pumpkins and leaves mixed in for Fall.
    The very best time of year of all!!! Hehe
    A very tired Granny T


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