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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday... Well, I can't think of a different title!


     Good Evening, Friends!  3 posts this week!  Shocker, I know!  Started this pattern the other day. I played around with some blank cross stitch grid to create a pattern.  I still have quite a bit to go.  I had to go and buy the big count "aida" (Is that right?  I threw away the bag...).  I tried to do it on two different other fabrics, and well, let's not talk about it...

     Today was a fun day!  My mom and dad picked me up for breakfast and antiquing. I am so blessed to have such fun and loving parents.  God is so good, and I cherish the time I have with them. My dad, for all of his groaning about how long it was taking, sure had no problem finding treasures.  I found a few...

     But before that, let's break for a commercial- "Charlie: The Messmaker".  Our scene starts with two loving dog parents deciding to give their furry son a trial on staying out of his crate for a bit when they go out.  2 hours seemed to be fine.  I guess more than two, well, he snaps.  I don't even know where my Kindle case was (glad the Kindle wasn't IN IT!!!!). Well, now I know where it is.  IN A MILLION PIECES ALL OVER THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR! Do you think he is sorry?  I always point my finger and say, "No, Charlie, that is bad!"  He sits for a bit, looking ashamed.  Then he creeps up and licks the tip of my "No-no" finger.  Ugh.

Okay, back to the goodies...

This is my reusable bag I keep in my purse.  Just for treasures shopping!
     First... Old books!  6 dollars for all 4.  All of them are 100 years old or more.  Well, I am not sure about the King Arthur one.  And anyway, that is for my dear hubby.

     Look at this gorgeous handwriting!  Love it!  Not many take pride in their handwriting anymore.  It is sad to see it in kids, but they figure (and many parents agree) it isn't necessary to have good penmanship because they are going to type everything.  It is a lost art form. :(  Kids, when we do our check-writing unit, love to make signatures that are messy and unreadable, rather than a thing of beauty.  I think forgers these days would probably struggle more with a neat signature.  I love to write in cursive and neatly.  I love it when someone compliments my handwriting.  I got in trouble for just the opposite when I was in fifth grade, but that is a story for another day! ANYWAY, I wish I was taught to write in this beautiful, flowing style.  Maybe I will use this book from 1889 to teach myself! All righty, hopping OFF of the soapbox and trying not to trip...

      Old clothes pins- $.10 each!  Basket?  She said $8.  Then she found me looking around still and said, "Would you do $6?" And me, who watches too many American Pickers episodes tried to bundle and get the pins and basket for $6 and... She said yes...  I almost said, "You know, I am so sorry, let me give you the $7."  I felt guilty.  But, finally, I walked away.  I did feel good when I saw a similar, smaller basket going for triple the price.  But then I felt guilty again... I know- I am weird!
     I got this apron for $3 (after which my dad says he has a bunch of them in his workshop!) I am going to make it into a clothes pin bag.  I think...  But I am not sure, nor what I may do with the others. Any suggestions?
     And then, this! For $3!  I love it, although it may be best that Granny Trace' doesn't see this post... Shhhh...

Thank you all for your kind comments on my other posts.  It is good to reconnect again!  I missed you all!

Well, Bailey is scratching at her plate, trying to let me know that Charlie maybe ate hers, and she would like more.  The insistent scratching does not indicate a polite "please" with her demands... Ugh.

Have a pleasant evening and a blessed Sunday!

Love and Hugs,

Heather, Bailey, and Charlie


  1. What a very fun day.
    Love all you treasures..
    Hmmm chicken tooo.
    Oh stinker man Charlie..
    How can ya stay mad at that sweet face??
    Woolie Hugs

  2. aww what a fun day :)
    sweet hugs x

  3. As a former 2nd grade teacher I so agree with you on the handwriting. I now work in a Pharmacy and I have to write down the Rx numbers and then the people have to sign them out, well the signatures are hair-pulling crazy! LOL I don't get why people don't want their writing to be legible.
    I love the things you found, good job on taking a lesson from Frank and bundling! LOL
    Be blessed,

    1. Oh, my! You are seeing the before and after of poor handwriting! Doctors are the ones people make fun of, but golly, you really want to make sure you can understand what they have to say! I know computers are the norm, and that kids can type, but there is something to be said about the thought that goes into the presentation of the words and the words being said. Today, we can shoot off our thoughts so quickly with typing and email. I have been guilty of shooting off a quick thought in the heat of the moment. Not that people can't be unkind with a letter, but certainly it slows you down to think. I just love looking at old paper ephemera. I have showed my students ones from the 1800's- even a receipt was written in beautiful script. A receipt! The argument of everything is typed, or I just don't have good handwriting doesn't fly. Anything worth doing well takes practice... :)

      It is so good to hear from you and reconnect! This summer is almost through! When do your nephews go back to school?

      Love and hugs, dear!

  4. Always fun to read another post from you, dear pal as it makes me feel we're not just so far apart! How I'd enjoy a day stitching with you and then a rummage around a big ol' antique store!
    Love all your finds!

  5. Hi Heather!
    I'm so happy to meet you and LOVE your blog!
    Found myself giggling over your sweet dog chewing up the house after leaving him uncrated. Why do they have to do that? My girl Addie when she thinks she's been in her crate too long... chews her blankie up into a million pieces. She'd probably get along with Charlie really well. lol
    Loved your beautiful books you got out antiquing. The penmanship really is beautiful. Have you decided what to make from the apron yet? I think a clothespin bag is a great idea!
    I'm gonna go read some more of your blog....
    SO HAPPY to meet you....


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