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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another Week in Fifth Grade...

Psalm 100:5 

"For the Lord is good;
    his steadfast love endures forever,
    and his faithfulness to all generations."

My drive to school...

"The Desk" this week...

 Starting to organize the rolling cart...

If you give a teacher some cookies, she may get work done... (A special treat from my co-worker!  Chocolate Owl Cookies!  Yummy!)

Ok, so getting the work done?  Apparently not... Actually, this is the stuff from the rolling cart that needs to be organized.  But at least the cart is cleaned off!!!  Poor desk... Maybe more cookies and coffee are needed!

This is the learning aide for our Bible curriculum.  It is to demonstrate how the foundation of our life is God and His Word.  We build on that through the wisdom that comes only from God.  And then the rest of the structure is Biblical truths that make up the structure of our "House".  Sitting safely on our coffee table, right?
So how many fifth graders does it take to knock the thing down and put it back together? Apparently, all of them...

Working hard or hardly working?  Our "Morning Missions".


Happy birthday to... everyone!  3 in my class and like 3 in the other classes celebrated birthdays with treats..  Ugh.  I like treats but... The little cupcakes were chocolate with cream cheese icing!  The one on the left is a homemade chocolate chip cookie cake... Mmmmmmm...  I saved my coffee for those...
HOWEVER, 5 minutes after these pictures were taken and treats consumed- Well, lets just say, letters from "Think" were flying off the board that afternoon.  "AND NO!  Sugar cannot be used as an excuse for bad behavior!" said the teacher to her students as her hair turned grey before their eyes!
The two birthday pumpkins went to deliver treats to the other teachers.  They stopped to give one to my coworker, Tim.  This is how the two of them came back after their visits.  They said that Mr. Glass told them it is what they both need... Can't deny that one! :)
We're thinkin'!  Halfway through the week!  Much better!!!!
Recess Duty

Okay, so we have chat so as to communicate with each other and the office.  These are the weird conversations that happen between the fourth grader teacher and myself.  Yeah.  I don't know...
Mystery Box Activity:
There were foam shapes and a marble sealed inside each box.  Their job was to try to discover and determine what the inside of the box looked like.  The marble is to help with that.  There were 3 different "levels":
1.  They brainstormed with no idea as to what could possibly be inside.
2.  I showed them the possible shapes.
3.  I gave them an empty box, a marble, and foam pieces to use trial-and-error to see what they can figure out.  The box is NEVER opened.  I just gave them a rating as to how close they were.  There were some overachievers who were downright surly because they weren't "close".  Good grief. So much for a fun activity. 


We did it!!!!!  We earned all of our letters and then some!!!!  We celebrated by a game of soccer before dismissal on Friday!  Thank you for your prayers on Monday!  God worked on their hearts and definitely turned that week around!!!!

Blessings to you all! Thank you for your prayers!!!


  1. awww so much fun...have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Morning Teach
    Yum I love cupcakes.
    What a fun day at school.
    Wish you would have been my teacher.
    Have a wonderful Fall weekend.
    Hugs to AnnE


  3. Seems you had plenty of sugary yumminess to get you through the week..smile...Congrats to the kids for getting all their letters.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Whew! that was a very busy week but all helped along with treats and celebrations!
    I love the Bible foundations building - what a great visual aid for the pupils and I hope and pray that they will have learned much about God and His faithfulness from this.
    God bless dear Anne!

  5. I love reading about your school weeks! I love living in the "teacher world" with you, I miss it so much some days! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Could you please pray for my sister Tammy for me? She may have MS. :( Thank you!
    Be blessed,

    1. Definitely praying for your sister, Dear Cindi! And for you!

      Hugs and blessings!


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