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Friday, October 12, 2012

A Week in Fifth Grade...

Well, in honor of Grandparents' & VIP Day, here is your tour for the week!  You can be my VIP's!  Ready?  Let's get in the car!
Starting the week... gas pump light is on... Argggg.
Keys and whistle... ready to become "Mrs. Wise"
Petey- ridin' shotgun!  A gift from one of my students...  Love him!

Wall O' Hamsters- Biscuit and Murphy!
Biscuit- She is that fluff spot in the middle...
Murphy- not a morning hamster.  Or day hamster.  He is a home-body...
Question of the Week!  Question of the students, "Is that Albert Einstein?" Me- "Yes."  "What is he doing?" they ask. "What do you think he is doing???"

However, there were a "plethora" of wonderful moments this week!
The view from my desk.  They were working on English before they went to Latin.
This table apparently didn't hear, "Put your stuff away and push in your chair."  That would be an imperative sentence.  Teacher is thinking of all kinds of interrogative sentences.  Most begin with "why"...
Students in The Word.  Can't beat it.
Better still- students in The Word WITH highlighters!!!
Owl slippers from my student.  She has matching ones.  What a sweetie!  I am blessed and spoiled!
Microscopes set up for Grandparents'/VIP Day.  Learners young and old can't get enough of looking into these guys!
Can you guess our history unit?
In 1492, well, Columbus didn't have a clue where he was going... Oops...
Homework... Did you do yours?
Students love this game.  Do you know what "sesquipedalian" means?  This one is gold star worthy...
Students spotting our vocabulary words- THIS IS how you get gold stars...
Recess duty... It is a bit cold and windy. That is my building on the left. "The Wing".
Me, being goalie in soccer at recess.  Tried to take a picture, but I was getting scored on.  Hence, the finger in the picture.  Playing in sandals and a skirt is not recommended.
Winston, my crow buddy (this is for you, Wendy!).
Anyone remember doing this as a child?  It's back...
How do you make a cart with junk on it look better for Grandparents' Day?  Put a blanket over it!
All letters present and accounted for during most of the week!!!  It was a first!  I was proud of them.  Aww, but Friday... Down to "T-H-I".  Teacher sad. But still proud of them!!!  At least it didn't say "T-H-I" on Tuesday!  Even cooler- A student came up with a great idea!  If we are good, we can add 'i', then 'n', and then 'g' because we are thinking!!!  "What happens if we earn 'thinking'?"  Um, celebrate that we didn't lose recess... Don't worry.  I thought it in my head.  I didn't say it.  Just like I didn't say, "I WANT TO GO HOME!" 30 minutes after school started today.  I said it in my head.  A LOT. Friday was a LONG day...
Final destination... My desk.  Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you for visiting!  I hope you had a wonderful week where you are! Thank you all for your prayers for this class!  It is greatly appreciated! You all are thought of warmly and are in my prayers!


"Hear, my son, your father's instruction, and forsake not your mother's teaching, for they are a graceful garland for your head and pendants for your neck.” Proverbs 1:8-9


  1. Hi Heather, Happy Friday night to you! Enjoy your weekend to the fullest. As an ex teacher I so enjoy visiting you and your class. I also taught in a private school and it just melts my heart seeing your children in the word! Thank you so much for sharing everything!
    Love and blessings!

    1. Cindi,
      Is there such a thing as an "ex" teacher? I can't even control when I am "off duty". I bet you still teach all over the place... ;). Thanks for commenting! I know that God places us in different places to teach. I enjoy teaching in a Christian school for the freedom it brings- to share God's Word and give hugs... :) I am happy to share! Thank you for caring enough to read!

      Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  2. hello dear , wow what sweet post..i enjoyed reading it so much..
    so sweettttttttttt always :)
    thank you for sharing dear friend..
    hugs cucki

  3. Hello back!
    You are dear to stop by and visit! You are such an encouragement ! Hugs to you!!!


  4. It's always nice to read your upbeat and positive posts about your students. I get tired of my friends complaining about how hard and stressful their week was teaching their classes and I can't help but think, you could be teaching my child. I know children are stressful but they never post about the joys they bring, joys that are great! Love Petey and your slippers, it's obvious the children adore you.

    1. Christina,
      I am blessed to work in a small school with smaller class sizes. I don't know how teachers in public schools do it with 30 - 40 kids in their classes! My students do bring me joy, many times. God does really have to work on my heart and keep me focused on the joy, but many times I fail. You can ask Granny Trace. There are days where I ask her to write me a note so I can "go" visit her and have coffee... ;) I didn't feel so joyful on Friday. :( But, next week is a fresh week!

      My students are dear. I hope they enjoy school. Children change from one minute to the next. If it is a project that they love, you are awesome. If you assign homework, they are not feelin' the love. The child who keeps spoiling me has a giving heart. It is a very raw heart- she keenly feels the joys and sorrows of others. But, her "love language" is definitely giving. So is her mother's. Those little treats are bright spots, and God usually sends those dewdrops on the rough days... God is good!

      Thank you for posting and for your encouraging comments! They are greatly appreciated! I am enjoying watching your "house" journey! So awesome!

      Blessings, Friend!


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