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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Day in Fifth Grade...

Psalm 118:24
This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.
One of the students wrote this in Latin... Do you know what it says?  Gold star if you do... ;)
Hey! You Lookin' at Me???
"The Hairy Eyeball"
Takin' Notes
"What makes a good map?"
"Why do you need to learn how to read a map?  We have GPS?"- Um. In case your GPS dies...
The path to the other building where all of our specials are.  It is the main building.  We are called "The Wing" (Not the West one).  See the puddles?  Yes.  It rained. Hard.  Teacher wet. Students wet.  Bleck.  That's my car in the picture.  His name is "Jethro".  I name all of my cars...  Anyone else?
Yup. Rain.  Weather Bug says so.  Wet teacher says so too.
My new hanging folder rack.  Umm, it is my "Things That Need a Home" rack.  Ooops...
My desk today.  Not too messy.  Coffee is needed...
Teacher is ALWAYS busy... 
Our Skittles are graphed...
Making more words... Problem: They are doing it in the middle of the floor.  The "words" have been kicked multiple times.  Not Scrabble.  Scramble...

Well!  That's it!!!  That is your tour for the day!  Hope your day was dry!
Blessings to you all!



  1. Oh what fun I went to school with you.
    I love Murphy too cute.
    I just love when they get loose in the house for a month or so.
    Fifth grade sure looks like fun.
    I name my cars too..My last one was Bertha. I drove her for 11 years (Tahoe) Now I have a Crv I call it Ice Ice Baby..lol
    Happy Fall Teach!
    Hugs & JOY


    1. Trace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Heee, heee! I have had many escape (but come back, Praise God!). I put their lid on the tank to make a ramp, and they eventually come back for some grub. Now, I keep a heavy dictionary on top! So they can think about what they did! ;)

      Cool names, Trace! How do you pick names for yours? My other favorite car was my Jeep Wrangler. He was "Big Blue". My Patriot is named after an NCIS TV show character because he is tough. I almost named it "Paul Revere" because I love that poem and, well, it's a Patriot and so was he. But I just wasn't feelin' it, ya know?

      So, you have been well enjoying the fall? So great to chat with you!

      Happy Fall, Granny My Dear!

      Blessings and Hugs!

  2. Fifth grade looks like so much fun!

    1. I enjoy teaching it! I am blessed that God allowed me this opportunity to do something I loved. Actually, He led me to this profession. I wanted to be a marine biologist or do something at NASA! God knows best!

      Hope this finds you well, Holly!


  3. That was a fun day in 5th grade. I loved map work and graphing! Wasn't very happy around the 5th grade though so I am not going to go back. lol I had a teddy bear hamster when I taught 2nd grade. One time he got out and we thought he had died but we found him about 5 weeks later down one floor in a box...I still to this day do not know how he escaped! Sorry about the wetness.
    Be blessed,

    1. Cindi,
      Those hamsters are crazy like that! We found one inside the 3rd grade teacher's couch in her reading nook in her classroom. He had made quite a home for himself. That is why there are big dictionaries on top of mine. I just hope they aren't super hamsters and can't lift the books! Yikes! Sneaky but cute!

      Hope you are well, friend!


  4. Aww I wanted to go back to school and fifth grade is just sound so perfect for me :)

    1. You're too sweet, Cucki! You can still come, but coffee instead of homework? Is that better? ;)


  5. Would it say, Welcome Autumn?? smile..
    Love Murphy just as long as he is only a pic on my computer.. grin..
    Take care dear Teacher...

    1. Awww, Hi, Faye!
      You are close with your guess... The class argued over the first part of the phrase. I don't teach Latin, we have a Latin teacher. But here is a guess- if you feel optimal or optimistic, how do you feel. Now, don't go tellin' the commenter class the hint... Shhhhh... ;)

      My husband feels the same way about my hamsters. I exclaim, "Isn't he cute????" His answer, "It's a rodent." Oh, well!

      I hope this finds you well, dear Faye!

      The Teacher (AKA - Heather) :)

  6. Hi Heather!! Thanks for visiting my blog:) It was fun to go to school with you today. I volunteer at my kid's school quite a bit and I love the atmosphere. Wet days are the worst, I'd rather snow. Murphy's a good class mascot. Thanks for sharing your day.

    1. Steph,
      It was a pleasure visiting your blog! Thank you for coming to school! It is nice to have adult conversations sometimes! I love the atmosphere too! I often thought that if I stopped teaching for any reason, I think I would have to volunteer at a school. The atmosphere is in my blood! :)

      Yes, I'd rather have snow. Especially if there is a snow day... ;) But in any case, I like the crispness and you don't seem to get as wet when it snows. It is quite a walk between buildings in torrential rain. One time, my skirt got so wet and rain logged from walking down the path ONCE, that the secretary had to take my skirt to her house (she lived near by) and throw it in her dryer. I spent a good 20 minutes in the principal's office in my shirt and slip with the door closed. Yeah. Awkward. But is was better then it falling off! That is how wet it was!

      Murphy is awesome- he represents how simple but big a child's thoughtfulness and love can be. What a kind heart!

      Thank you for visiting! I look forward to getting to know you better!!!!!

      Blessings to you, dear!


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