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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Planning, Puppy, and Pie Pin Keep Giveaway

      Look at this picture.  Out of all of the things there are my table, which do you think is the most valuable to a teacher? Okay, you pulled it out of me... THE COFFEE, of course.  But, Mrs. Wise, wouldn't the lesson plan book be most important?  Nope- No coffee, No workee... Sleepy head on the deskee... Okay, maybe I had too much today... Well, the candle has its place too- between hamsters and sweaty kids...


     This is my little warm-spot-stealer at it again.  She is actually behind me so it was hard taking the picture.  She is a nice snuggle pup.  If I am grading or blogging, she is usually near me.  Unless I am eating pizza.  Then she is right in my face...


     I found this clock at Goodwill today.  I think it is beautiful (Especially for $4).  The most awesome thing is that you wind it with a key! It ticks as loud as an episode of "60 Minutes". I love its tole work!  I also got it because I am reading my students one of my favorite books from my childhood, Tom's Midnight Garden.  In it, the story centers around an old grandfather clock.  AND that clock has to be wound by a key. SO, I thought it would be neat for the students to see a clock that ticks and is wound by a key (I will tell you about their reaction).

     The clock is also a reminder to check out my 50 Followers Giveaway! You can find that post here. I would strongly encourage you to read the comments!  Talk about wonderful stories!!!! I am loving them, and I hope you will continue to go back and read others' stories as they post them!  It definitely strikes to my heart the importance of how I do my job.  Teachers can leave a lasting impression- good and bad. 

     Also, hidden within others' comments, there are some opportunities for bonus "gold star" entries.  Those go to the person who posts a correct answer in his/her (who are we kidding? HER) comment directly following the question.  I want you to have additional opportunities to enter, but I am truly not trying to make you all jump through hoops.  I just want everyone to get a chance to enjoy these stories as much as I am!  Thank you to all who have posted for taking the time to share your stories- heartwarming to downright embarrassing!

Blessings and G'night, Dear Friends!


  1. Your puppy is the cutest! I am sure the candle is a good thing, especially at that age and after recess or gym!
    Be blessed,

  2. your puppy is so cuteeee...and the candle is a very sweet idea..
    hugs cucki x

  3. What a snuggle sweetie pup.....and the candle is wonderful.....Blessings Francine.

  4. Hi Teacher, can we please have Bailey in the classroom as well as the hamster? He's a sweetie, keeping you company and saving you from all that pizza!!!
    I love the clock and keys are featuring strongly in my creative imaginings for Valentine's day.
    God bless

  5. The pup is precious! Looks like a great snuggle buddy! Love the clock. How cool that is is wound by a key! Can't wait to see how your kids react. Have a great day!

  6. Awwww...I just love your puppy, what a sweetie!


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