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Monday, January 21, 2013

Now, you'll need a mask...

Yup, doctor said it was the flu.  They made me wear a mask.  I so wanted to make Darth Vader sounds, but I didn't... I can't go back to school until Wednesday at the earliest. The way I feel, I don't know if I can do that.  But, the thought of writing more subplans... Eeek.

Tamiflu shortage... None to be found.  So, just on antibiotics for the chest thing I got brewing.  What is Tamiflu for?  If I am not on it, am I more contagious?

I am soooo sorry I am not getting around to commenting on blogs.  I am reading.  I am trying now to get caught up and comment, one at a time.  If you miss a whole week, you are really out of the loop with conversations, aren't you...

Well, I am all out of energy.  Thank you sooooooo much for your good wishes and prayers.  It means so much, friends!


P.S. Gold star... Find it...


  1. Get well soon deary..
    Love for you xx

  2. Aww you didn't take a pic of yourself wearing the mask!!!
    Do Bailey and Steve have to wear them too?
    Truly sorry you're have flu. :-(
    Hugs and prayers!

  3. heather, hope you feel better!!! no fun being sick! and i dont think we ever get caught up with our blogging.. but its fun trying!!

  4. Oh no, not you, that fle is getting everyone...Hope you feel better soon, Blessings Francine.

  5. Here's to feel better hugs. Nap when you can, and my moms "feel better" thing. Drink warm Jell-o. Hot water in a coffee cup, stir in the Jell=o powder til it tastes good. Tamiflu is to help with the coughs and headaches.Thanks for the gold star.Is that a wax warmer?

  6. Oh no! So sorry to hear! We all had the flu back in December and Tamiflu was a miracle drug. I was much better the next day! So hope you can get some soon but if not, hoping the antibiotics will work soon as well! Hoping for a speedy recovery for you.

  7. Ick, we all had it and it was horrible. Just focus on getting well, lots of rest and fluids, yadda yadda. Take care!

  8. Praying you feel better soon!!

  9. Dear Darth Vader
    I am praying for you and sending you air hugs.
    Hope your feeling better.
    Woolie Hugs
    Granny T the lysolanator!! :)

  10. Hope you feel better so soon! Should have made those Darth Vader sounds!! Too funny!
    Hugs, Lynn

  11. Oh bless your heart you got IT! So sorry. Tamiflu is in short supply here too. We got a letter from the supplier that they were releasing some from the reserve they have but we had to take out the insert from inside because the insert was outdated but the script was not. It does not shorted the time you are contagious it just shortens the amount of time you have symptoms and how bad those symptoms become. REST, REST, and then Rest some more!
    Prayers for you,

  12. So sorry to hear you are not feeling good, and the flu is no fun :( I hope you get better very soon and will keep you in prayer. Take care and sleep tons :)
    The Olde Willow


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