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Sunday, January 27, 2013

From the Couch and from the Desk!

Yup.  Good words when you have the flu and feel stir crazy from sitting around.  My dear husband made sure that I stayed resting.  But I did do some crafting whilst I rested.  Watched the whole first season of Downton, watched Emma, and watched Little Dorrit.  Sometimes, God brings colds and flus to slow you down.  I needed a slowing down and a break from school.  The "rest" came at a perfect time...

From the Couch...
When my fever and headache was at its worst, I watched Pride and Prejudice with the sound off.  If you have a favorite movie that you have watched many, many, many times, it is fun to watch it in different ways.  You can turn off the sound and see if you can remember the lines.  Or, you and a friend could make up your own words to the movie.  My favorite this time was to concentrate on a character I don't usually pay attention to.  I watched Mary.  I must say, I wasn't disappointed.  Maybe it was the fever, but her expressions were hilarious.

Did a little stitching and rug hooking....

Been inspired in decorating to incorporate a bit more Valentine in my decor.  I am liking the green, red, and black  The little lanterns are cheapies from Goodwill.  I am thinking these will replace the Santas on my shelf on the landing (Yes, my Santas are still up!  Ugh!).
Did some painting.  Found this angel at Goodwill.  It had no detail, just painted mustard.  She needed personality.  I am not sure about how I painted the wings. I don't know if I am feeling the love for the butterfly wings.
Stitched a pillow.  It is based on a free pattern from Pinterest. It is a free pattern from Madam Chantilly  I stink at stitching on linen, but I love linen (Hence, no close up.  Don't you dare enlarge it either!). I botched the pattern, so I had to adjust.  Apparently my counting skills are not what they should be (Shhhh...).
The back of the pillow.  It is not yellow, it is a plain tan background.  The light is giving it a weird color!

From the Desk...
I'm back in the saddle again...
This is what my desk looked like after returning. Piles of papers and work to be graded. Yea.
Yup. Need it...

What shall we do next week?

My purple pen stash.  My signature color is purple.  That is what I grade with.  I don't like red pens.  The kids grade their papers with red, so, mine stands out. Do you think I have enough pens? Really, I lose half of them during the week. I walk around with them and set them down somewhere!  They make their way home eventually...

I'll need this for those piles of work the students completed while I was sick...

My lamp on my desk.  I would love to sit on this little porch.

New desktop picture.  I sat down at my desk and realized it was still a fall picture.  Ooops.

I am learning that silence and waiting gets a class's attention more often than a raised voice. My dad made this plaque for me. I say it in my head. A lot.

My student, Jack, colored this for me. I asked him what was going on with the one squirrel.  He said that he thought that the picture needed some color. LOL!

Sure did need this during having the flu! Love old Burt...

The kids are loving this book.  Got it at Goodwill for $.50.  They are really short and encourage listening and critical thinking skills. Fun, fun!

My student decided he wanted a little variety with his slippers.  I informed the rest of my students that I was going to make them wear the ladybug slippers if they kept forgetting to wear their own slippers... Socks? Shoes? No service.  Okay, service but wearing THESE beauties!

Feels like... (drum roll please) 1 degree!  Yippee!
Time for a nap! 

Thanks for stopping by! Thank you for your prayers and well wishes while I was sick!  It means so much! 

I am looking forward to making the rounds and catching up with all of you!

Don't forget... the giveaway ends this week! I am still hiding gold star questions in that post!  Please  drop by and read others' stories! Watch out for those gold stars!

Blessings and Love!


  1. Glad you are feeling better.I've been lucky to not get the flu yet just a cold hanging on.Fingers crossed and plenty of hand washing/santitizer.Yes sometimes it's nice to have some slow down time but not when your head feels like it will explode...smile..Warm Blessings!~Amy

    1. I'll be praying you stay that way!!!!

      Blessings back at ya!!!

  2. Happy Sunday Heather, Glad to hear you are feeling better. Girl, you got lot's done while you were sick. Great post, enjoyed catching up with you. Of course, love the snow. Suppose to be in the 70's here on Wednesday and a threat of severe weather. Oh I so wish we could have winter weather. I so hate storms. Take care and wishing you a good week.

    1. So, we had 60's on Wednesday. Did I have recess duty then? No. The temperature dropped 2 degrees an hour today with 40 mph gusts. When did I have recess duty? Today! We did have bad rain and windstorms. I don't like storms either. We had a lot this past summer. I wish I could send you some snow!

      Thanks for stopping by, Angela!

      Hugs to you!

  3. Glad your feeling better Heather. Fun looking at all the things you've made.
    I am ready for warmer weather....are you!
    Have a great afternoon.

  4. Aww me so happy that you are feeling better..
    It's so nice to look at all the lovely things you made..
    Here is lovely and sunny
    Warm hugs for you xxx

  5. Oh Heather.. so sorry you had that flu.. We had it too and it was miserable. So happy you are feeling better.. Really enjoyed your post and you and I have the same taste, I see.. smile.. Great hand work.. I think your students must be so blessed to have you as their teacher... xo

  6. Hi Heather...hope you are feeling completely well by now.
    You certainly do much more than I do when I'm not feeling well.

  7. Evening friend
    So happy to see a post from you.
    You did stitch some pretties while sick.
    Woolie hugs and love.

  8. Hi Heather - I'm so sorry you have been down and out! Hope you start feeling 100% soon. I just started reading Little Dorrit, and it is hard reading. Wish I had the movie to watch instead!
    Hope you have a much better week ahead!

  9. Yes God does know your every need and the rest probably did you as much emotional good as physical! Great to hear you're back to your students but I hope you keep up the stitching too! I love the Valentine's pillow!
    God bless dear friend

  10. So glad you are feeling much better! You were a busy girl! Love all of your creations. I rarely accomplish that much when I am not sick! :) I bet your students are glad to have you back as well. Have a good week.

  11. I am feeling much better- thank you all!!!! We had yucky weather today. Ew. I hope and pray that you all are healthy and warm. I am glad that you other flu-bies are feeling better.

    In answer to getting a lot done while being sick. It is amazing the sewing you can do while your medicine makes you hyper as all get out! I can only take Mucinex for so long- then it makes me sick and hyper. I would feel like a nap, but as soon as I started to hunker down and take one- bing! I would be awake! Ugh! So, yeah. Did some crafting. Could be worse! Could have been a benadryl buying spree again! Yikes!

    As far as my students. They were a grumpy lot when I came back. Felt like I should have just taken the other 2 sick days. But, they needed their routine back. Some donuts and watching their Homework Movie of the Month (those who did their homework all month) seemed to cheer them right up. We are watching "The Princess Bride"... Heee heeee! You are all welcome to come and watch too. They ate the donuts though!

    Love to you all!!!!!


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