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Friday, January 11, 2013

Lititz, Pennsylvania

     I forgot that I didn't post my pictures of my mom's and my outing to Lititz before Christmas.  It was a grey, chilly day.  At first, we were sad because, well, it was cold! But once we started walking around (and had some hot coffee- vanilla latte for me!), we started to warm up!  And, the funny thing was, the sun came out when we were ready to leave.  We both went, "Awwwwww." Why?  Because we realized the sun actually took away the wintery Christmasy feeling we had!

     If you ever visit Pennsylvania (I know some of you have!), I would recommend Lititz- there is a lot of history and best of all, chocolate!  Wilbur Chocolate is located there!

     Today, I am off to the Pennsylvania Farm Show!  I took a personal day from school.  It was a very difficult week, so I am really looking forward to it. But here is the kicker, sometimes it is easier to just go to school. Why? Because sub plans take so long to write!!!!  

     I am a details person.  I remember my days as a sub coming in to a teacher who had sketchy plans with no direction how to find things!  Granted, I was a new teacher, fresh out of college, yearning for a classroom of my own (that is a story for another day...). But, those experiences taught me a lot.  Or, it is a type A personality that lies dormant until I need a sub. BUT TRULY!  They are not forcing a teacher to teach exactly like me, but to have the information they need to feel confident.  Experienced teachers who sub, don't need it so they can ignore it.   But, anyhoo...

      Last night, I was cruising along, typing up my 4 page plans (Yup.  One page in my planner = 4 pages for a sub.  Ooops.) I go to save and... "Microsoft Word is not responding..." Uh-oh.  I will give it some time to come up with a response, and it better be to save.  Okay, well, I will tweak my vocabulary test on Publisher.  I go to save, "Microsoft Publisher is not responding..." Okay, little annoyed here. 

     I force a close, and try to bring it up again (keeping in mind, each restart = retweak)- "Microsoft Publisher is not responding..." Er... Well, I do this 3 times.  At that point, I was ready with a response for it- "Stupid Computer, I hate you!" Since I was alone at school, I yelled this out loud.  The computer paid no mind to me.  It still sat, unresponsive.  And my plans? Well, they didn't recover either.  So after multiple phone calls to my husband, the last of which  were crying, I started over.  I left school around 10 pm after many tears of lament, and the words, "Stupid computer!" said quite frequently. 

     Let me also say, at night, all of the classroom critters do weird things.  I don't know what the rat in 4th grade was doing, but I think he was having a party over there.  I would not be surprised to go over there and see a disco light going...

Well, thank you for letting me rant... On with the show...

They were offering horse-drawn wagon rides!  The horses had sleigh bells in them!  Sometimes a brass band playing Christmas Carrolls rode in it!

Town Square...

Mom before realizing I took her picture.

Mom after realizing I took her picture. I think she is so cute!  She is smiling, but I did get scolded... Hee heee....

This is Linden Hall, a private school where the students stay there.  I thought about applying there when I got out of college. I had thoughts of Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel.  But the school sounded pretty strict, and well, well you read my blogs...

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Blessings to you all!


  1. That is so frustrating to do all that work and then have it gone. Honestly, I would have taken that as a sign and i would have let her work off my plans...but that is why God made us all different...lol Looks like a fun trip. Dianntha

  2. have a wonderful time today Heather. Pretty pictures, your mom is cute!!

    about the chatting out loud Stupid Computer I have been doing that at mine lately LOL
    the only critters that act up when I do that is my dogs?? LOL you probably had those critters all confused last night


  3. What a lovely time and place! Enjoyed visiting along with you and your Mom.
    Have a great day.

  4. Very pretty place..have fun dear x

  5. Lititz sure does look different in winter but still so pretty all decorated for Christmas! As chocoholics we LOVED Wilbur chocolate factory - my littlest still loves her bear from it!
    You and your mom must have really enjoyed it and I hope you have a great day at the show.

  6. Lititz looks like a lovely place to visit! I love all the photos of the doors and the wreaths....and the ones of your mom! A friend of mine just moved to Wrightsville, PA...looks like Lititz isn't too far from there.

  7. Heather, I LOVED seeing the pictures that you took of your trip that you took with your Mom.
    The pictures were beautiful.
    I felt I was right there with both of you!
    Your Mom looked so cozy and warm sitting there sipping something HOT I am sure.
    Thanks you for taking us on the tour with the pictures you took.
    I joined your blog and I really love it!

  8. This looks like the neatest town! I would love to visit Pennsylvania one day. It seems like so much fun to explore. Would love to visit the Amish there too. Looks like you had a great time.

  9. Sounds like your computer has been spending too much time with MY computer! :o( (And why is it that they choose to be "non-responsive" or "ill" right before crunch time?? Go figure.

    Wonderful photos!! Lititz (ok, Pennsylvania period) - is on my bucket list of places to visit some day. Wish my hubby were more "travel-oriented." :o Glad you shared the trip with us - almost felt like I was along! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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