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Thursday, January 31, 2013


     Okay, I must preface this to say that my student will pick the winner first thing tomorrow. 
     I wanted to do it at the very end of the day so as not to be using instructional time really. 
     Well,  let's just say, when you play a review game for a test that is tomorrow that they have known about for 2 weeks, and NO ONE knows the answers, and kids start discussing that they HAVEN'T really studied yet (This is one on about 15 countries of Europe- capitals and locations, and the Islands of the West Indies- capitals and locations.  It isn't something you can cram!) They had flashcards, a map, a game on our class website.  When a student tells you that the capital of Puerto Rico is the United States or the capital of Spain is France, you just want to cry.  Just to be fair, they did start this with the sub, but they have known, and we have reviewed it! So, we did not get a chance to pull a name. We were having a "talk".

     But, the game is afoot.  The pieces are in play.  All of the hundred little slips lie resting in their basket ready for an 11 year hand to wrench one out.  If it has Cheetos crumbs on it, I apologize.

Here is a teaser... Yup.  Those are the slips...


  1. Do we earn an extra gold star for waiting patiently Heather?? {smile} Have a great evening

  2. Oh My, a teaser???? I have no idea. Dianntha

  3. Awwww...I hope all your kiddos get an A+!

  4. I actually very partial to Cheetos. :o)

    Oooo...I feel your agony. Seems like I'm having a whole term of "that."

    Smiles & Squirrely Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Bless their little hearts. I would have loved to been a mouse listening to that talk! Just think, it is almost the weekend!
    Be blessed,

  6. Hi Heather. I was offline a few days due to getting a new modem. I did answer the explorer question again. Was it Amerigo Vespucci? Thank you so much. 'Hope it is not too late for my gold star :)

  7. Take heart, I think those talks are invaluable to help everyone focus and get things sorted! Your students seem like a wonderful open class!
    And you are a tease - here's hoping!

  8. Sounds like you are a great teacher Heather!


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