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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whole Lotta Love Day 3- Snow!


I do love the way snow makes things look clean and bright.  How it allows you to look over the valley and see farther and clearer than without it.  I especially love the way really cold, fluffy snow sparkles- particularly in the bright moonlight.  I like seeing the little footprints of critters in it.  And, a shocker, I love snow days...

Love and warm winter hugs,



  1. Great pictures!
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. I love the snow. I know the dogs don't but we see very little of it here.

  3. aww i love snow so much..
    keep well dear x

  4. Snow is so pretty, peaceful, and seems to make the surroundings quieter to me. I love looking out at the snow at dusk,, well that is the few times we have had a good snowfall here. Your snow pictures are beautiful. Still wishing for some here.. Have a blessed day.

  5. Wonderful Winter post, I love the snow to, so so pretty, Francine.

  6. Loved your photos, Heather.. We have a whole lot headed our way again..
    God bless, my friend.. xo

  7. Beautiful photos Heather! I love snow too!
    Be blessed,

  8. Well I love looking at your photos though a day or two is enough for me! Bailey with snow on his nose is so cute and what a great Flexibility Flyer you got!
    Have fun and drive safely in all the snow!


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