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Monday, February 18, 2013

Here's the Story...

Hmmmmm. I wonder who brought these?
     Okay, so you need to read that title to the tune of "The Brady Bunch". Just so you know (And if you don't know what that show is, let me pause now as I wail about my old age). Now, on with the story... Well, if you follow Granny Trace's blog, which I know you all do, you read that we got to meet on Friday! Yipeee!  We just went right to breakfast and chatted like old friends having coffee. I know all of us blogging gals imagine doing that together with one another (Trace' and I talked about that), but it was nice to do it for real and not just for pretend!  Trace' is just as wonderful and dear as she is on her blog. True to form- pink Converses and polka dots, although I would have recognized the smile anywhere.

     So, we went to a new cloth shop in town.  Yes. I said it. Cloth shop.  Ya'll can keep giggling at me.  I'm a goober, no doubt about it. ;) They had really pretty fabrics.  They seemed to have good prices.  I had to ask Trace', I didn't know.  They had a lot of the Civil War reproduction fabrics which I LOVE. After that we went to a thrift store that is housed in an old Good's Furniture store.  She ain't kiddin' when she said it was big.  I love that store.  We were supposed to get coffee first at my favorite coffee place, but, um, I was too busy talking and was drawn like a magnet to a store full of bargains...  But, we so did need coffee by the end... Granny and the Marm run on coffee.

Here is a gander of some of the goodies I got from the CLOTH store and thrift shop.  I think I have them all in the picture.  I put them out right away that I forgot to take a picture of them. Oooh, there was a little pot too. There is another 2 yards of fabric, but I am going to use it on my table, so I will show it to you when I finish. 

I am loving the crazing and the burgundies and greens!
Feels a bit like St. Patrick's Day to me...
Guess what these are for...
     So, my husband wanted me to make the house more dog rompin' friendly.  And, judging by the NASCAR finals that have been going on the last 3 days, he's right.  So, I am pairing down, making room... I am trying to incorporate more stitcheries and such. Here are a few sneak peeks.  They are peeks because they are avoiding most areas because I have stuff sorted all over- things to go up, to put away, and some off to eBay.  I have some things on there now that are ending today. I am always glad to be rid of the stuff to clean things out.  I moved my Christmas tree to the dinning room.  I, of course, took the Christmas off and went for more folk artsy look.  I think.

Steve's Pappy's Rocker... My new comfy spot to do devotions!

     Speaking of eBay, I LOVED this grinder when I saw it on Jody's blog, Cobblestone Corner & Grandmas Bisquits.  She said she was doing some spring cleaning and was listing some things on eBay. (Yeah.  It's helping my Spring cleaning. Truly.)  I have always wanted a grinder with the fancy metal top.  Very "Arts and Crafts" style, don't you think?  Jody is so lovely and sweet! She was so dear to send some DELICIOUS chocolates (Can't show you 'cause they're gone!) and wonderful smelling soap! So generous and thoughtful.Thank you, Jody!  Check out her eBay!

     And of course, Charlie wanted to make sure he was seen in this posting since his name was mentioned. He says, "Hellllooooooooooo!" Okay, really, right this moment, he is out for the ten count.  Yesterday, was blustery.  Wind was blowing snow showers sideways.  Wind chill factors way low.  I would hold my arm out the front door with the leash.  It was too bitter cold.  Charlie would just go out, do his business, and run back in.  Bailey, and my friend Anne's dog, Lexi (Yes, square-to-spare Anne), would just sit out there. Sit. And sit.  I could not feel my arm.  And then when I look at you lovely chilly blog friends with your snowstorms, well, I wish you warm hugs.  Charlie loves to lay body-length on top of you.  So, if you are cold, have a furry pup laying on you, the wind is howling outside. Yeah. Let's say not much was accomplished for a few hours yesterday but sawing logs...

He licked my iPod.

Well, that is it for now.  I have my top ten "Whole Lotta Loves" post coming up some time this week!

Until then...

Warm hugs and love!



  1. Your home looks so warm, cozy and welcoming. Love it.

    Great thrift store finds.

  2. heather, what wonderful pictures of your home! Oh my to met Trace! You lucky gal, I wish I could of been a hiding in the next booth, hehe... what wonderful fuN! OLM

  3. What a fun day!!! Love days like that. Shopping, eating with friends, a special day !
    Oh and that one item looks like scissor holder? right?
    Enjoyed your post.

  4. Such a lovely post, Heather.. As I said to Trace that I so wish I could meet you all..
    We go to Pa. most years and are thinking of going again in April.. Who knows?
    I love love your dishes especially..
    God bless, my friend..

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day you and Trace had Heather. Oh what fun if we could all meet and spend time together. Blogging friends are just the best. Love all your goodies. Can't wait to see what you create. Have a good week.

  6. What a fun day! Hi Charlie! You're pretty cute!

  7. What a fun post! So nice you got to see Trace. Have a wonderful week and enjoy your goodies. Pet to the pooch.

  8. Oh Heather, how wonderful you and trace met! I tell you it is amazing how connected we feel to the friends we meet blogging who love the same things we do. I had blogging friends visit this past week too. I also would love to meet Trace. I love the fact you all let your love for Jesus shine on your blog.

  9. How nice that you two could share a visit.
    Blogging friends are the best!
    I love your new goodies. It is always
    fun to change things around.

  10. What a fun post..
    So nice you got to see trace..
    Have a wonderful week and enjoy your goodies xx

  11. Morning Friend
    Oh how I wish we were meeting this Friday too.
    It was so fun. Just like old friends.
    We found some cool treasures too.
    I love that plate.
    Your home is soo cozy. And oh Charlie.
    Woolie Hugs & Love

  12. Good morning Heather...what a delightful post! You are so cute.
    Oh how fun to meet a blog friend and I can just imagine from Trace's blog that the two of you had sooooo much to say - she's a delight....as wel as you are.
    Love your wonderful treasures...I see some things I would have bought too.

  13. What a fun post! I enjoyed it so much. I also wanted to say thank you for all of my surprises. I was a so thrilled to go out and find the pincushion and the towel. I have always loved gold stars.
    I just wanted to say thank you so much.

  14. Heather this was such a fun post! It is always fun to visit your blog.It must have been so much fun to meet Trace,you both are such sweeties! Love the treasures you found and that beautiful fabric.Sweet pooch pics,gotta love our critters.Hope that you have a wonderful day.Hugs,Jen

  15. Oh the fun you two enjoyed! What a blessing and then to shop and I really do love the fab - sorry - cloth you purchased!
    Gold stars for all your tidying up and sorting out - that must have been why Charlie licked your ipod!

  16. How special that you and Trace got to meet...so you live how close to each other? Love your home, I think it is perfect the way it is...those darn husbands! LOL Kidding. Love your dog...too cute
    Thanks for sharing everything!
    Be blessed,


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