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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pinkeep Swap

Hello.  My name is Mrs. Wise.  I am a teacher. 

Wait.  I am a mom now to TWO furry children, one of which is half laying on my laptop as I write this.  He tired himself out from wrestling his sister AND dog bed (yeah.  I don't get the dog bed thing either.).  

I sing, I tap dance, I, wait. Been there, done that... Okay, so I don't do either of those.  With my agility record this week, it ain't ever happenin'. I fell down at school, I mean flat on my back, not just  once.  Oh no.  TWICE! And, I realized I am now feeling my age.  The day after I fell the first time, I felt like a truck ran over me!  Yikes. 

So my week has been:
No talking in the hall!
No, no!  Don't chew on that!
Shhh! (Students or dogs)
You need to write your assignments down in your planner.
Lay down.
Eat your food.
Don't eat dirt.
Finish your lunch.
Get in your crate.
Did you study?
If you leave the lid open on the wet wipes, then they become dry wipes (Yes, that is sarcasm).
Bring me a toy.
Write in cursive.
Whose paper is this?
A screw is a combination of a wedge and an inclined plane.
...And Mary, Queen of Scots, was beheaded.
Okay, you destroyed that toy.  That's going in the trash.
"Help! I've fallen twice, and I can't get up!"

But, what made my week was the arrival of my pinkeep swap package from Theresa of Dulaney Woods Treasures.  It was hosted by Wendy of Ravenwood Whimzies. What a delight! I was blown away by Theresa's talent and generosity! So, without further yacking on my part, take a gander at my precious package...

I did open it last, truly!  What a sweet note!

Insert sigh of delight...
Insert drooling...
I busted those little beauties open RIGHT AWAY!  Thank you, Theresa!!!!

All of my favorite colors! Just perfect!  But, you can only see the top.  Wait until you see the rest of it...

An adorable and wonderful smelling beeswax sheepy made by Amy of Bumblebee Lane.
Beautiful gift tags!
A oh so sweet bear made by Theresa.  I am just blown away by her many talents!
He goes perfectly with my folk art animals that are around my Noah's Ark bird house!  He is right at home and dressed for the weather!
I put this at the end.  I would love for you to think I ate these slowly as I opened and admired my swap items.  In actuality, I should probably put this picture right after the open bag picture.  That would be the correct sequence. 
So in all, just what an absolute thrill and joy to have such a beautiful package to open and enjoy after a long, stressful week!  Thank you, Theresa, for sharing your talent, for your thoughtfulness, and for your generosity! You are a blessing to me!

This was my first swap!  Thank you, Wendy, for organizing it!  It was so much fun!  I look forward to trying other swaps in the future!

Blessings and good night, dear friends!  You are all in my thoughts and prayers daily!  I miss chatting with you all so much!  I will be back soon, I promise! Thank you for your patience, friendship, and prayers!

Love and Hugs!


  1. Oh no! Hope the last day of your week turns out great. Hope you are feeling better from your falls. At least maybe you can enjoy a relaxing weekend. Love all of your swap items!

    1. My fall was a little sore, but boy did we all laugh about it. Especially the one while I was playing soccer. It was either flatten a kid or wipe out. One of my dear friends and parent, who happened to be on duty with me, just plain laughed. I mean heartily. Ok. So did I! Thanks for stopping by! I am looking forward to the weekend, though! Maybe I should just stay on the couch. Sounds like a good excuse to me!!!! :)

      Love and hugs!

      PS- Come to PA soon!!!!!

  2. Hope that you have a wonderful weekend and that the last day of week is less stressful.LOL! May be you will be able to put your feet up and relax this weekend.Love your swap goodies.It has been a fun swap.Hugs,Jen

  3. I hope you have a better weekend!
    Love your treasures from Theresa.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Wow such a sweet treasure...
    Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Seems my favorite teacher has had 'a hard knock life' this week - sorry we are in full Annie mode at the moment in our house as my youngest is at rehearsal for the school performance of the aforementioned musical and sings the numbers day in day out!
    Hope you didn't get mixed up and tell one of your students, 'Get in your crate!'LOL!
    Maybe that would have helped!!
    Oh what a gorgeous pinkeep from Theresa! And chocolate eggs too! Yummm!
    Know that you are in my prayers!
    God bless

  6. Theresa is such a sweetie.Lovely gifts! I hope you get to feeling better.You never ache till the next day.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. I was thinking how I hadn't seen you post in a while. So glad to see this up and boy what great goods you received. The pinkeep is truly a work of art. I love how the buttons are done. Take care.

  8. Hi Heather...Oh I can just imagine how fun it is to be at school and listen to all that comes out of the mouths of those little ones but what a delight when you shut the car door to come home...lol
    And to find a great package waiting for you.
    I have seen lots of great pin keeps but this one has to be my favorite of all...it's just beautiful. I love the other things in the great package as well.
    You are blessed!

  9. Oh dear! I must admit I was disappointed. I thought you were hosting a pin keep swap! Oh well. Maybe you'll let me know ahead of time next year so that I can participate.

    What lovelies you received! I'm so happy for you. Won't you post a photo of the pinkeep you sent? I'm truly needing to make one for myself. I've just gotten back into sewing after a very busy season with the Joplin Tornado recovery.

    So good to hear from you,
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  10. Oh my goodness Heather - your pin keep is beautiful! But then again, I wouldn't have expected anything less from dear Theresa. I ate the first half of my bag of Cadbury eggs when I opened my package and was oohing and ahhing...the second half I managed to save until yesterday, when I could be found sneakily nabbing the rest while crafting in my sewing room. Glad you enjoyed the swap! I think the Pinkeep Swaps are one of the funnest!
    Enjoy your weekend dear.

  11. Heather I'm so glad you like everything. I'm also happy it came on a day when you needed something to lift your spirits too. :0)


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