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Saturday, February 2, 2013

God's Revelation...

     I am also doing Granny Trace's 100 Days of Prayer journal. I got a copy on my Kindle because I wanted to be able to journal. I am on day 9. I know. Woefully behind. The journal part says, "What has the Holy Spirit revealed to you about Jesus and God? Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Write what you see and hear. "

      Ok, so my question is about the seeing and hearing part. What does that mean to you? I mean, I see His revelation in the scriptures by the Holy Spirit's enabling. I know when He is speaking through me when I ask Him for the words to speak to my students. But what do you all take it to mean?

My "Whole Lotta Love" today is for a body of believers - new and "seasoned" whom which we can consult, seek advice, and pray with. Whether it is across the Internet or other dear ones nearby.

Thank you for any insight you can provide. I usually ask my dad, but he has company right now. :) So, I am asking you all, my spiritual family!

Love to you all!

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