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Monday, November 24, 2014

Stewart Bartholemeu and Nicholas...

     Stewart Bartholomew  the Mouse... Such a biggish name for a smallish mouse.  But his biggish name was fitting for the biggish adventures that he has had during his life.  

     By far, his biggest adventure came when he fell into the pocket of a kindly man who had a greying beard and a laugh that came from down deep within him. His laugh was not biggish at all.  It was HUGE! It filled a room so much that it spilled right out of doors and windows.  

     Everyone knew who and when this compassionate man went a visitin' (Stewart had a smallish bit of an accent). Stewart learned much from this man, Nicholas. He learned of compassion, and that one of the best earthly gifts you can get is one when you give of yourself to others. Nicholas visited and chatted.  He brought gifts and gave hugs. He listened to people bare their hearts, and he wiped their tears. He talked of God's love and prayed for and with them. 

     Stewart tried to put into practice all that he heard and learned. Each morning, he would climb into Nicholas's coat pocket.  When Nicholas was visitin', so did Stewart. He crawled in and around houses, checking on the needs of all of the little critters in that home. He made sure they were warm and fed, just like Nicholas did with his friends. 

     Stewart stored up so many stories during his time with Nicholas. So many stories that they would certainly fill up a largish book. But the message in each was the same. Serve The Lord with gladness by serving His people and showing compassion. Stewart stored up that very large message in his very tiny heart in his very small furry body for all the days of his life. 

     Stewart measures 5 inches tall compared to his largish friend. Nicholas is 25 inches tall. He has a string for hanging about, but he is quite fine with sitting as well.  Stewart can leave Nicholas's pocket, so you are free to let him roam and stuff other things in Nick's coat pocket. He is made from heavy canvas that has been stained and sanded (along with my fingers). His coat is vintage woven wool. His hat and underclothes are a vintage feedsack. He has some vintage buttons here and there. He has rusty shoe buckles for eye lids. 

     Kindly asking $60 plus shipping (paypal only)  for Stewart and Nicholas. Original piece by The Country Schoolmarm. Please feel free to email me at thecountryschoolmarm@gmail.com for more details.

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  1. Oh what an awesome couple! You have been hiding your light behind a bushel!
    Love the wee story to go with them! Oh but I have fallen in love with wee Stewart!
    Glad to see you are still crafting!
    Hugs and prayers

    1. Awww, Diana, you are too kind. Do enjoy crafting. These are much more involved than the other things I've made, for sure! My hands hurt! But I still love making pinkeeps and such. I have two more "big" dolls to finish-an angel and snowman, and then a rest to smaller things. I hope this finds you well! Hugs and prayers to you!

  2. all I can say is oh my gosh that is freakin cool!!! XOXO Love Fran.

    1. You are soooo sweet and, well, hilarious! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Wow this is the cutest couple! I sure hope that the lucky person that buys them gets the story with them, it is awesome. You are very talented Heather!
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Be blessed,

    1. Hello, my dear friend!!! The last doll I did, I printed the story. I am glad you said that. I feel better that you thought I should do it too! Happy Thank you for your encouragement and friendship! Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs and love!!!


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