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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dolls, A "Dusting", and Dogs

     First, if you haven't seen this awesome challenge put out by Barb Moore, the author of Purely Primitive Dolls and owner of The Primitive Oswald,  please go look and check out the work of so many talented ladies. The challenge is over now, but the site is now a selling blog for extreme prim dolls called "Purely Primitive Dolls".  It is a method for again, artists to sell their handmade art.  
     Supporting small businesses is so important, and I know you know, as many of you are friends with these artists or you are an artist as well (so skip to the snow and dogs below. You live this speech). Many people rely on this income to support themselves in some way in this economy. It also brings great joy for each artist to be able to create and pass on a bit of themselves to you! A legacy of sorts.  I am so blessed to have had the opportunity the participate in the Purely Primitive Doll Challenge.  I learned sooooooo much through Barb's book, which I highly recommend.  And, I have met many talented artists and new friends. So, please, take a look. And, this Christmas, consider buying something handmade as a gift for someone to pass along a legacy of love that has been poured into the creation by the hands that made it!

I am now leaving my soapbox (hopefully without tripping.  It's me, though.  It is quite probable... Ow! Yup. There it is.). I return you to your cup of coffee and regular blog reading.  Thank you for your time!

Dolls created by (left to right): The Primitive Oswald, Primitives by Old Lady Morgan, The Country Schoolmarm

The regularly scheduled programs: "First Snow Comes to Pennsylvania" and "The Dogs Who Wanted to Know Too Much". Enjoy!

"Bailey and Charlie" episode 32 - "Neighborhood Watch-For Whom the Dogs Bark?"

"Keep your yap shut until I tell you to open it, Chuck!"

"She wears me out. "

"Why is Jack the Sniffer being walked by his person at this hour? I don't like it. "

"What'd I tell you???" "I was sayin hey to Jack"

That's not Jack... (Cue dramatic music)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love and Hugs!
The Marm


  1. heather! I am glad you joined in!!!! and your doll turned out wonderful!!! OLM

  2. The dolls are all awesome. It's really all about supporting local and handmade. The snow and dogs photos are really good. We rarely get much snow here in Alabama :)


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