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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oh, good grief. I got a rock...

     Spoiler Alert... I may have rambled off topic somehow to "Downton Abbey".  If you have not watched season 3 in its entirety, click this blog closed and walk away.  Otherwise, go ahead and read.

     Okay, so Charlie and I are confused about this whole Google Reader thingy.  I looked online and found something called "Feedly".  They even had an app. It just moved all of the blogs I read over to it.  


      Now, here is where I am confused, the rock in the bag so to speak.  What about your followers or followers in the future?  Since Blogger, a Google product, will still be there, will you still join by Google Friends Connect?  What am I supposed to do? Ugh.  This feels like Y2K. I feel like I am storing up canned vegetables and am not sure why or how to use them.  Charlie, who does not understand metaphors, has now offered to eat them. "Charlie, you can't eat them.  I am using the metaphor as a way to express my confusion if all of this effort is futile or necessary." Charlie- "Yeah.  All I heard was can and 'waa waaa waa wa wa'. Can means food.  Stop yappin' and go get it." Pardon me, my dear readers... Charlie and I need to have a little chat about something Aretha Franklin sings about: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

     Okay, so we are back.  Now here is another question.  What do those of you who craft, recommend as the best way to sell your wares?  I would like to do crafting a little more seriously this summer (and will have a giveaway...Hmmm), but I feel like just having it on my blog isn't really productive.  I am mainly chatting on my blog.  I am happy with a smaller number of followers to interact with on my blog.  But, that doesn't work with selling wares..  I have dolls and pin cushions that I would like to sell. What do you all recomend?  What have you found to be easy to use and yet provide some visibility? 
     I am not thinking this will allow me to retire for teaching.  I can't churn things out that fast, or am accomplished enough to charge much.  I am looking to make some money to buy mulch or use it for small home repairs (The Dowager Countess of Grantham would be horrified at my undignified talk about money.  Shocking.  Don't tell her.  Or my spinning around on a swivel chair.  If you watch "Downton Abbey", you'll know what I mean.  It is okay if you still don't think it is funny... Oh, and rabbit trail-  I finally brought myself to watch the final episode of season 3. If I didn't know something bad was going to happen, I would be really upset.  It is like watching Titanic.  You know the ship sinks so you aren't as surprised.  But the poor British people!  That was their Christmas Special. Okay, back to the topic at hand...).  So, large percentages taken out or big costs to list and maintain... I don't know if it would be worth it.  eBay seems to be hit or miss with sales.

So, anywhoo, if you have time to share your thoughts about any of these topics, I would surely appreciate.  And so would Charlie...

Love and Hugs!
Heather and Charlie


  1. This should be good news for you ...the google reader thingy is not going away...it was something entirely different. Yeah!!! We were all worried about nothing. Secondly I think FB is probably the best place to sell stuff right now. You can have your own page but there are also groups that sell things people make. I belong to a couple if you want to join them. Have a great rest of the weekend!
    Be blessed,

  2. Oh dear I am feeling the same..
    Sending you big hugs x

  3. I'm pretty sure your gathering the veggies for nothing. Seems once in awhile this panic about blogger goes around. It's just the google reader not your followers or dashboard. I could be wrong but I'm just going to ride it out. Have a blessed sunday! Amy

  4. Hi Heather! Just a note to let you know that you are the winner of my blog giveaway!! I will need you to send me your mailing address, and I will get your goodies packaged up and shipped by Monday!! Congratulations! You can find my email link on my blog!
    Have a lovely week!

  5. Hi Heather,
    I think the panic is in the 'not knowing' and too many 'versions' of what is happening.
    Yes, Google Reader itself is going away...says so on their site BUT...all the blogs on your side bar will stay there ... all the followers in that little box where you see their pretty faces...will stay there.
    It's just the reader that will not be available so therefore most of us are going through BLOGLOVIN' which in part is almost the same as Google Reader...but much easier!!!
    You import the list of blogs you follow (probably same as the one you already signed on to)...very easy! You loose nothing.
    Wow...you are getting lots of information...lol

    Now...about selling. I have a separate blog that does well - I also sell on Etsy...both do good.
    I belong to FB...have a business page too but I am not a fan of FB so I can't give you pointers there...but it's very easy for others to copy and paste your designs from FB because you can not select 'no right click' - but on the other sites you can. Just some info.

    Oh I can not wait for the new season of Downton Abbey - we rented all the prior seasons and had a marathon of watching...we're hooked!


  6. Oh Mister Charlie is living large! LOL! As for selling wares...any where take s a bite for a following. FB is a great option, there are many selling groups on FB and many do very well, you can start a selling blog for just selling your wares... or join the sites that do monthly updates too... those come with fees each month, but they are not to bad. Good Luck! OLM

  7. Good morning, Dear. We were all horrified at Downton Abbey. Julian Fellowes has one chance to redeem himself with the first episode of the next season. We'll see. I'm withholding judgment for the time being. Anyway, I would think that selling on Ebay or at local craft fairs would be the way to go. or Etsy? Good tags and SEO might make a big difference.


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