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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

We interrupt this programming to let you know that "Charlie's Prim Tour" cannot be seen at its regular time due to magazine ripping circumstances.  Again. Therefore, we are substituting "The Schoolmarm's Tidbits" in its place.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  We now join our show already in progress...
I've been framed, I tell you!  Framed!

Bargain Buying...

     There is just something about baskets.  I have some Longberger baskets (two very SMALL ones). But I love market style baskets, old picnic baskets, and egg gathering baskets. But I try not to pay much for them.  My favorite basket, a picnic basket with a solid top, I got as a steal at $10.  It is so sturdy, and it is perfect for hiding things in.  It holds my crafting supplies! I do love berry baskets as well.  They are great for displaying and making little prim vignettes.  I have been making strawberries at night- quick and easy and relaxing.  I think some prim dolls or "food" would look perfect in this prim carriers!  What do you use your baskets for?

     I love folk art!  I got this little guy for $.25! It is on old barnwood.  It looks to be a  type of wormwood (no worms included)... The back side us beautiful too!


     Wrapping up the school year has been quite stressful.  I only have 4 days left plus 5 days of inservice (talking about the year, report cards, and cleaning classrooms). So, I have been coming home and crafting.  I have made strawberries, grunged jars, made primitive stump dolls, anything.  I don't know if I would sell any of it, but it sure is fun filling the home with crafts from you all and adding my own touch.  
     I remember one of my first conversations with my first and only follower at the time, Christine from Preferably Prim, about making prims- it may be lopsided or missing stitches, but that is okay!  It's prim!  So I can patch or sew over a seam I missed (a whole section, okay!). But the patches give it character and a hominess (or homeliness...).  Kind of like people.  You see these pictures of beautiful hands or faces that are timeworn with age and experience.  What a thing of beauty!  Doesn't the Bible talk about grey hairs being a good thing?  Okay, I had a rabbit trail there... Also a sign of age but ANYWHOO!
     So, here are some $2 jars that I primified.  You can use thinner paper bags or slightly thicker (disclaimer- I will not take blame for jammed printers!).  I found some old free labels or free clipart to make my own labels. I cut them down to 8-1/2 x 11.  Watch carefully as they print.  I grab the front edge when it come out to keep tension on it so it doesn't jam (it kind of helps).Our Pioneer Homestead is just a wealth of labels and tutorials! I have learned a lot from Pamela!  Check out her blog!  I put m labels on with some modge podge and stained it with coffee!  Wallah! The bag behind is just an old sugar bag that I stuffed with cotton.  Sugar with your coffee?
A thrift store find that says it all!
     Here is my grunging station.  My husband so loves me working on the stove... Yes.  That is sarcasm. But I messed around with some things and found that acrylic brown paint watered down and with a lot of cinnamon added to the mix makes a great grunging medium. Then, I sand the cloth to take some off and give it some dips or splashes of coffee to stain it further.  The concoction really smells great.  The cloth seems to really hold onto the wonderful smell and gives it a gritty texture that doesn't rub and fall off easily because the cinnamon has bonded with the paint.  Oh, and I found that leaving out the mixture allows some of the water to evaporate making a thicker, more prim grunging slurry. You all probably do this already, but I was really excited by how well it worked!

One stump doll (the one in the front.  The other I purchased!).

I made a bitty strawberry and stitched it to the bird's beak.  I think I could easy change out the dangling thing seasonally.  I think it looks great with Granny Trace's pin tuck!

A ginormous strawberry I made using some wool that Steve's grandmom left me when she passed. Cherished scraps...

So, yeah, can you burn a strawberry!  I really primified these!  I used wool, felt, and some cute red printed cotton scraps. See, that is what happens when the cinnamon is too dry on the crafts and you put it in the oven to dry. The cinnamon burns easily.  Ooops.

Had some brown homespun.  Hubby wanted a darker curtain behind the light one.  We are trying to keep the house darker to keep it cooler.
I made these a while ago.  I ordered some springs from eBay.  I tried two different looks.  My mom liked the one with the quilt material, so she got that one for Mother's Day.  I am 39, and I still make my mom stuff for Mother's Day. Ugh.
This is a cloth covered bottle.  I saw one in a store for $8, so I though, "Hmmm, could I make that?" Mine is not nearly as nice.  BUT, can you guess what kind of bottle I used for it?  Gold Stars for correct answers!

Proverbs 31:13

"She seeks wool and flax,
    and works with willing hands."

Thank you for taking time out of your creating and enjoying your weekend to visit me!  Please keep our Oklahoma friends in your prayers.  My sister lives in Oklahoma, and though she may not have suffered home damage (Praise God), the emotional wear and tear from frayed nerves is taking a toll too.

Love and hugs!


  1. Now I am going to give sweet little Charlie the benefit of the doubt. We mustn't be quick to judge! You have really been busy with the crafting. I manage to think about what I want to do but keep putting off actually doing it. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Thank you for your sweet visit! I love Charlie in spite of the fact that he destroyed a copy of Country Living Magazine. I mean destroyed. But he appreciates your kindness in giving him the benefit. He say, "Hi!" by-the-way!

      My crafting has been over weeks, but it really has helped me to keep sane and keep my mind off of things. I hand sew them, so it is nice to sit in a chair for a bit and listen to birds and just enjoy stillness. I have been putting things off. I just started one of those strawberries one day. They were easy, and I started making those. Now, those brown dolls and start of a pin cushion, they have been in the kitchen for a week now. I have run out of crafting steam. I am not sure how to proceed, so I have stopped. We will see if the creative juices get flowing or have a drought. ;)

      I am so glad that you stopped by! Thank you for taking the time to visit!
      Love and hugs! Heather

  2. Love love everything, Heather.. I wish I could get half of that done for my shop. smile.. Your doll is darling. I have a thing for dolls..
    God bless.. x

    1. Oh, Faye!
      Thank you for the sweetness of your visit as well. I have a thing for dolls too. It started with seeing everyone's adorable prim dolls! Now, I have the bug! I got a very interesting old one at a flea market yesterday for $10. I will have to post a picture of it. I think you will like it!

      Thank you again for stopping!

      Blessings, love, and hugs, Faye!

  3. Goodness Heather you have achieved quite a bit...I love your grunging station...lol
    Mine is all over the kitchen counter when I do it - I never considered doing it in the basement where I could leave the mess! lol
    Poor Charlie - he looks like he knows he did something bad...until he fell asleep...lol

  4. Wow everything is so so beautiful....I love from my heart..
    Hugs x

  5. Hello stranger! Everything looks great. It has been awhile since I did any crafting, I need to get back into it. Love all of your creations. Poor Charlie...
    Have a great last couple of days!
    Be blessed,

  6. Wow Heather, I love all of your crafts. I especially love the ones that you sent me. Happy creating~ Sara

  7. I'm still laughing about Charlie! Great pictures and captions. I love baskets too, and of course I use them to hide stuff - sometimes I had it from myself, because I forget where it is. You've done some wonderful crafting. I especially like your stump doll. laurie

  8. Morning Friend
    Wow have you been busy.
    Love all you have been creating.
    I too have been making more strawberries.
    Picking them too.
    So fun.
    I love the dolls and jars.
    And oh my Charlie is a hoot.
    Love how he looks like he is hiding from you. hehe
    Happy Summer on the way.
    Woolie Hugs and Love

  9. Oh Charlie, now keep away from all Primitive Place, Simple Life and Mercantile gatherings magazines... Country Living... well, I agree with what you did to it! LOL!
    Heather you buys gal! BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! OLM


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