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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Almost there...

     So the school year is done.  My students are gone.  My room is getting emptier.  I am closing up shop.  Things still to do: 5 days of in service, report cards, and cleaning my room (ugh.  It needs it!). Oh, you saw the doll?  Well, we'll get to her later...

     Exciting things?  They have begun construction on an addition to the school.  It is interesting to see the "bowels" of the school since the ceiling panels are being removed.  And, apparently, we really do have bats in our belfry. But God is sooooo good.  I have been there for 12 years.  I was their first fourth grade teacher, and now, their third fifth grade teacher. My first class had 5 students.  We had 3 kindergartens, 1 first, 1 second, 1 third, and 1 fourth.  A few years ago, we dropped to an all time low of 60 students.  We thought we would have to shut down.  But, God had mercy on us and other plans for us.  Next year, we will have 180 students.  We have NEVER had 180 students.  My class, instead of its normal range from 6-14 students, will have 20 students.  We will have 3 kindergartens, 3 first grades, 2 second grades, 2 third grades, 1 fourth, one fifth (with an aid!  Yippeee!), and our middle school will continue for the second year.  We don't have a speck more room.  So many people have donated work or even steel for free to make this happen.  God is so good.  It is overwhelming. But, it is a mighty responsibility for all of these little hearts and souls.  I know I sometime ask for prayer, but if you could thank and praise God on behalf of my school for His amazing work and grace, I would appreciate it!

     My class has a dedication ceremony.  We call it a service of consecration.  Many schools call it fifth grade graduation.  We want to focus less on a completing of a grade, more so on praying over them and celebrating with them the next phase in their life and the importance of God being in it. Students have to give a short speech, they get really nice Bibles (which they just lovingly carry back to their seats.  It always gives me a happy heart).
     I have to give a speech, which doesn't bother me.  I wish I was this confident back in speech class in college.  It would have gone A LOT better.  But, it is a lot of work getting the final prep done.  I was up for 48 hours straight.  I am still not caught up on sleep.  Especially on a cloudy day like today.  Zzzzzzz...
     BUT!  We always get the most delicious cake (it has been know as "Mrs. Wise's request- they are so kind!).  I have a real weakness for good, homemade cake.  This comes from a bakery called "The Bakers of Buffington".  It tastes like the butter cake your grandmom would make.  Oh. My.  I have to admit, sometimes I drift off on stage during the ceremony thinking about the cake.  Shhh.  Don't tell.

     So, in "reward" of a long week, I am declaring this day a crafting holiday.  I have set up the comfy chair with all of my needfuls, ready to go.  I have my coffee ready and the series "Miss Marple" keyed up!
Love feedsacks!  These are remnant squares.  I want to use them for prim little dresses, but I don't know if I can bring myself to cut them up!

My pinkeeps are just hanging around.  Selling them from a blog is hard.  So, these will be listed on Ebay.  If you are interested in these, or others on my blog, please let me know.  I won't list them on Ebay.  There are some other items on eBay that are ending today!  Check it out!

     Okay, so I got this doll at my antique flea market on garage sale days.  I paid $10 for her.  The lady said that she found her in her mother's or grandmother's attic (I forget). She also said she had a face that only a mother could love.  LOL! She certainly has the face a prim mother would love! I named her Annabelle. 
     I don't know if she is old, but she is really unusual.  I am curious what you all think.  There are a lot of pictures, but I wanted you to be able to see the workmanship.  I like her no matter what, and I think that $10 is an okay price to pay.  So, on with the show...

Sorry that she is "mooning" you, but the different colors of wood were interesting.

It looks like "N U E Powell" and then the number is either a 18 or 78.

So, that is the word, Humminbirds, here!  What are you up to this weekend?  I can't wait until vacation to sit down and get caught up on blogs!  Thank you for sticking with me!

Love and hugs,



  1. What a charming doll!

    Ah school is out for us too and our DD graduated early so a new learning experience is on the way, for us all.

  2. Love the doll. How interesting and what a neat find. I bet she could really tell some great stories huh?
    Congrats on another year of school. I am so happy for you that they are expanding. It warms my heart to hear of private GOOD schools to prosper and stay strong. I sure wish there were more of these schools like yours near where we live. We are out for the summer already too. Enjoy your day. You deserve it.

  3. Oh I love your doll and the story and I a, sure she could tell a few too, Francine.

  4. So happy for you and the school.. God is so good..
    Your doll is precious.. I love dolls no matter what.. smile..
    We are having a tropical storm here today and just messing around..
    God bless..

  5. glad your school has been blessed. Enjoy your summer and btw your doll is terrific!


  6. Hello dear Anne!!! So school's out! yippee and ill gladly give thanks that God is good to all his children and for seeing you through the year. A crafting day sounds like a REALLY clever reward!

    God bless dear friend

  7. I think in the coming years you will find that the numbers of kids going to Christian schools or being homeschooled will continue to climb. I think people are tired of their kids being taught from government produced curriculum. It is awesome that your school is growing. Yay!

    Love your new doll.

  8. heather enjoy your summer!!! I know you will! Keep plugging along, it takes awhile for the selling on line... took me quite awhile. Post them on FB, going a selling group there too see how it goes.
    Love the doll, very interesting no idea if it's either, but still a neat doll! OLM


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