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Saturday, April 6, 2013

How is your weekend going?

Hello, Dear Friends!
    How are you all?  Are you all having good weekends? It is good to read so many blogs and hear that the weather is starting to improve! The weather here is getting milder!  It is actually supposed to be in the 70's this week, but it is also supposed to rain. Plants are trying to open.  They just aren't sure if the weather is going to stay warm.  It is as if they are opening one eye, just to check...

     Taking my car to get a little problem fixed at the dealership provided a good excuse to visit some thrift and antique shops near there. My mom was more than happy to support me in this adventure! :)

Fun Finds...

     There is a barn that is 3 minutes from my school that has sales on Fridays and Saturdays once the weather is nice.  I picked up the picture and little black and red shelf for $10. Now, I say when the weather is nice.  It was FREEZING in the barn!  So, I spotted two treasures, and we darted back to the car and put the seat warmers on!

The apothecary jar and pewter porringer were a steal at a local thrift shop for $5 total! Woohooo!

Tin Candleholder- $1 at Goodwill.
Some of you love brown transferware like I do.  Found this little vase for $2 the other week at our Re-Uzit Shop!


Hubby was so kind to paint this wall a darker shade of the color on our other walls.  I am hoping to convince him that this color is so lovely that the whole foyer should be this color.  I just love it!

I got the picture for $2 at Goodwill.  I love the prayerful attitude of the husband and wife as they thank God for the harvest of their potatoes.  It did have more light "peachy" tones to it.  I just took some antiquing medium and brushed it on in spots.  It is a good way to age newer prints. I also darkened the frame.  Then, I finished it with a coat of matte-finish Modge Podge.

I have been loving finding cheap little boxes and covering them with cloth and making little pantry boxes.  There were some great tutorials on Pinterest.   I have made 3 so far with scraps of fabric. Here are two that I had made.  For the square one, I covered an old gift box with snowmen on it.  So, pretty inexpensive makeover.  Free box, a little fabric, and my best friend, Modge Podge.  You can us a little cinnamon or antiquing medium to age it.  The tutorial suggested shoe polish.

Took some wood nubbins from my dad's woodshop.  Hmmm... What to do...

A Pause for a Canine Commercial...

     Charlie told me to stop and take his picture.  He is reaching 6 months and puppy chewing is kicking in.  He has cut the toy inventory down by half.  Generally, anything that has the word "Tough" on it, especially if "tough" is spelled incorrectly, well, just isn't.

This is where I was working on this post some.  In the hallway (note toes), on the floor, throwing food at Princess Bailey to get her to eat her food before Charlie did. 

Charlie says, "If she doesn't want her food, I'll eat it!" He says this as his food lies on the floor on the other side of the gate.  They both want each others' food.  Talk about the grass being greener!

A Word from Our Sponsor...

Next, to a little splurge/obsession- this ice cream ROCKS! It is butter cream ice cream with chunks of wedding cake and swirls of raspberry filling.  Oh. My. I may or may not have had some midway through this post.  Would you like a dish?  I will share.  Truly.

Breaking News...

     Okay, so I had to pause from my post.  Bailey and I were sitting on the couch.  All of the sudden, our one back surround sound speaker flew to the floor.  Ghosts? Nope.  A chewing Charlie under the couch, pulling the wires from under the floor moulding.  I pulled out the couch.  Hmmm. 2 separate wires when once there was only one.  Good thing my daddy taught me how to splice wires.  Never know when that skill will come in handy.

     And now, we will be "going off the air" for now (Do you remember when TV shows actually stopped at midnight?  I can barely remember a flag and the national anthem playing and then "Boooooooooooop...") However instead of our wonderful anthem or an annoying boop (really, okay, this is a sidebar conversation.  What was with the boop?  Why did you need that awful sound to tell you that there would be no more shows on until morning? They should have just recorded nails on a chalkboard and been done with it...), our sign-off is the sound of two dogs snoring...

Have a wonderful night! Big hugs, blessings, and prayers for you all!


and Bailey

and Charlie...

P.S.- My eBay listing ends tomorrow night.  I am going to relist them one more time.  Whatever doesn't sell, I am going to get rid of at my garage sale in May.  So, if there is anything you are interested in, please let me know!


  1. Wow Heather you found some goodies. I love the interruption of the dog. My rottie before Dasko did all the ugly stuff.lol If they weren't so sweet, we wouldn't keep them, right? Have a wonderful week. 70's here next week.

  2. Oh Heather, I so enjoyed this post. You had me smiling all the way through it. First of all, great treasures you found, lucky you! I loved the doggie commercial, too funny. I've never seen that ice cream and it sounds sooo yummy so yes please give me a bowl! I do remember tv shows ending at midnight, we've come a long way uh? I much prefer the 2 dogs snoring sign-off! Have a great day!

  3. Aww such sweet goodies..I love them and your post is so sweet like you..
    Lots of love and smiles for you x

  4. morning heather! gosh its been awhile.. well you found some wonderful treasures! and i love your pantry boxes! boy we can dr. anything up cant we? love your fur babes! puppys are sooo much work arent they? especially BIG puppy! my angelas big golden doodle has really distroyed alot of things..i sure hope the " its a good thing hes cute " keeps working!! enjoy your day!

  5. I love seeing your wonderful finds! I see a lot of boxes but haven't been smart enough to redo them. Great idea! Love your cute post with pet time and even dessert! lol Enjoy your weekend! I sure appreciate your sweet comment. Big Southern hugs my friend!

  6. Ok, I think Charlie has some Marley in him! LOL! Many wonderful goodies, but I had to say, love BLUE BUNNY ice cream! YUMMO!!! OLM


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