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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hop to it!

"Mister Rabbit (and Charlie) in the carrot patch
Digging up the carrots. Scratch, scratch.
He ate the first little carrot, round and fat.
He ate the second little carrot just like that.
He ate the third little carrot, orange and sweet.
He ate the fourth little carrot, what a treat!
Mister Rabbit in the carrot patch
Digging up the carrots.  Scratch, scratch, scratch."


     I cannot believe my eyes as to how cute these bunnies are!  I know. The joke is sad, but I had to do it.  You can guess who nabbed the eyes off of our crazy quilt cow (made by Steve's grandmother). 

     Charlie was a busy boy on Thursday and Friday.  He broke out of his crate on Thursday.  I was so sure that my husband had not closed the crate properly (Sorry, Honey).  I came home to two dogs looking like they had had a splendid time that day.  And I know that Charlie had- he ripped the pillow slip cover off of the one pillow (zipper ripped off first. Hey!  Zippers are hard to navigate for a pup.  Oh, update on that too.  The other pillow has now been subjected to the same fate).  I had a small stuffed fox whose leg was amputated.  Another small bear was de-eared.  The house looked like it had been ransacked, but God showed mercy on me. Nothing was a terrible loss. And, most of all, the dogs were safe.

       I had to take Charlie to the vet on Monday for a visit that ended up being $250.  After a barium cleanse and x-rays, praise God he did not have anything stuck.  That was my panic when I came home to his being "footloose and fancy-free" Thursday.

     So, just to be on the safe side, since I was SO sure Steve didn't close the crate right, I put a strong metal ring on the latch.  When my husband came home, I got a sweet text telling me that Charlie had busted loose again.  No damage was done (the cow debacle happened on my husband's watch).  Again, he seemed fine.  But, he is a puppy.  You never know what he is going to get a hankering for...

    So, let me "hop to it" then (Thank you, I'll be here all week). I had shared with you some weeks back about the awesome prim bunny that I had won in Mary's giveaway at Marmmies, Mammy's and More.  You can see more of him, my other bunnies by our talented friends, and my spring decor and changes here

     Well, I won another sweet bunny from Janice's giveaway on her blog, Prims by the Water.  Truly, I can't tell you how these two giveaway wins have brightened my weeks.  School has been hard this month. Nothing hard like our dear blogging friends are experiencing. These "dewdrops of mercy" have been an undeserved pick-me-up for me.  But God is gracious, merciful, and above all, a loving Father- He shows it in big and little things.

     Isn't he just darling? And the prim carrot trio than accomopanied him makes such a neat vignette. Mary and Janice are just so talented.

     My final bunny, whom I have named Lizzie Bennett (and there is no connection to that I may or may not have been watching the movie for the 30th time while opening the package, don't you dare think it! Ok. It's true.), is made by my dear friend, Wendy, from Ravenwood Whimzies.  Is she not beautiful?  She had posted this bunny on Facebook with the offer of customizing the clothing.  Well, I hopped right on that one. (Heee hee, I used "hop" again. Did you see that?). She gave a selection of fabrics for me to choose from. It was a hard choice, but I loved the ones with dots.  They are not quite polka dots, so I don't have to hide her from Granny Trace'. She is so sweet and just perfectly prim.  Wendy also put in these adorable bees! Too sweet of Wendy! Lizzie has found the perfect home on my hutch.

     This trio of hoppers is such a cute bunch.  I think they will be staying up all year!  They can hang out with Old Lady Morgan's snowman.  I look around and see items made by so many of you.  I treasure each one as they remind me of all of you, dear friends.  Thank you, ladies, for sharing your talents and your generosity!

Love and hugs,
Heather, Bailey, and Charlie
I am asleep and snoring.  You would too if you chased Bailey around the dining room table over 15 times at top speed. I'm not kidding. Mom counted.


  1. Aww cute 💋❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Such cute rabbits! Sounds like the puppers had a weeeeee of a time... sweet picture of wore out Charlie!

  3. What sweet bunnies.
    Boy we sure have a lot of very talented friends.
    Woolie love & joy yo you friend.

    Charlie is soo stinkin cute. Even I the does like to eat eye balls. Heheh

    1. Oops even if he likes to eat eye balls.
      Sadly Internet keeps going in and out for three days :(

  4. Love all your bunnies Heather, especially Lizzie..lol. Pets to the doggies! I'm still thinking over Mr. Darcy! Let you know when I come up with an idea. Have a great week dear. Hugs

  5. oh my! I completely missed bunny season...sigh... you my friend have some wonderfully prim ones!!! OLM


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