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Monday, April 1, 2013

Charlie's House Tour

Hello.  My name is Charlie.  I will be conducting your spring prim decor tour today.  Please ignore any toys or fluffies you may see.  They are my additions to the decor, but mom says they are NOT prim.  She said that they are just plain old messy.  Well, that is my take on prim... Don't tell her I backtalked, okay?

Okay, this way please...
My mom had this ark on top of the TV cabinet.  But, Pop-pop and Grandmom said they didn't need their barnwood cabinet anymore.  Mom jumped on that like I jump on food that falls on the floor.
  Here's her new cabinet.  I guess it's all right.  She says it's red.  Looks grey to me...

 They also didn't seem to need this chair either.  Daddy likes it because he can't lay on the couch because mommy, Bailey, and I hog it.  He can't sleep on the floor because he tells me not to jump on him while he is laying down. So, now he has a chair. Mom went and put some pillows on it.  Daddy will just throw them on the floor.  I get to lay on them then. I may or may not have been found laying on the chair the other day.  I am not admitting to nuttin'...
  See the stool?  Daddy and Pop-Pop fixed 3 legs the other day.  Said they had the wobbles.  Guess which one fell off the other day...

  See the bears.  I can reach them if I stand up.  I am not to do that.

 I think the donkey is tired.  I didn't do it.

 This is Mom's favorite nook.  It's got a bunch of old books.  I can't read so, it isn't my favorite.  Except when I get in trouble.  Then Bailey and I hide under the desk.

 My couch.

I like the berries and jug.  I was chewing on the berries one day and knocked over the jug.  I didn't break it, but Daddy said that I'd better watch out.

I think Mom's candle is crooked.  She should really pay attention to these things, ya know?


 More stuff I can't chew.  Yada yada yada...

 Something else I can't play with.

 Can't play with him either.  Mom said he was "Moo hair".  I guess he does kind of look like a cow.

Mom was too lazy to put the Christmas tree away so she put it in the corner.


 Those strawberries aren't real.  Just so you know.

   Oh.  Mommy said to tell you that she got the red and green bowl from Goodwill for $2.  She thought you'd like to know that.  I am just saying -it's grey.

Why is "yellow ware" good, and yellow snow isn't? I'm just askin'.

  She said this house was $2 from Goodwill too.  I am just wondering- where are the toys from this place.  Again, just sayin'...

This basket would not be good to hold dogs treats.  Bailey and I think it is rather useless.

 Plants are "off limits" too. Mom says I will eat pretty much anything, even dirt.  I don't know.  Dirt tastes good to me. Have you ever tried it? Don't knock it until you have...

 See.  Plants again.

 Another dumb basket.

 Mom likes to put beans in jars.  She never uses the beans.  Just looks at them.  Humans.  Weird.

  Mommy said this is Great-Grandmom's special pie crust recipe.  She hand wrote it.  This is special to mommy.  She found the sign above it at Goodwill.  That is where Great-Grandmom lived all of her life.  I think that's kind of neat.

 Well, that concludes our tour today.  I destroyed my toy and left green fluff everywhere.  I need to high-tail it out of here before my mom sees what I did.  You all have a lovely day!


  1. OMG!!!! I so enjoyed the home tour Charlie....you are quite funny I might add too, love the yellow ware joke, made my day.......You sure have a cozy home, so many wonderful prim goodie I saw........Also you did a number on your toy though......Thanks again, was so much fun, Francine.

    1. Thank you, Francine. That wasn't the only toy I demolished today. Shhhh. But, mommy had to throw that one away. Thank you for visiting! I love visitors. I am glad you had fun! Here is a big lick for you!


  2. Well Charlie, I so enjoyed the tour of your home. How do you keep from knocking over things and getting in so much trouble. Your house could be a prim shop and I could spend the day shopping. Such wonderful treasures. Thanks for the tour. Oh and I love the desk where you hide when you have been bad. We all have our moments don't we?

    1. I am not saying that I don't knock over things, but I am not saying I do either... It may or may not be connected to my hiding spot. Mom says that I certainly do have moments, but it is good I am cute. Thank you for coming. I hope I didn't get some fur on you. But, you can consider it a host gift!



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