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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Urgent Prayer Needed... Updated.

I just got word that the father of two of my "former" students (they are never not my kids in my mind) has fallen and hit his head.  He has a skull fracture, multiple bleeds, and is in a coma on life support.  They need your prayers urgently.  The whole family is dear to me.  There is a back story that I can't share, but God knows. Prayer for God's will.  Please prayer for the father, but especially Sam, Hannah, and their mother, Anna.

Thank you to all who read this and pray... Seems like a day full of prayer needs...

Update... The father of my students passed away Wednesday night.  Please pray for this family as they cope with this loss.  Sam, the son, has taken on the role as "Man of the Family" on top of being in his first year of college.  He is considering taking his classes by internet so that he can be with his family.  We are all so blessed and proud of Sam, and we know that God will mightily use this experience in his life.  But, it is a big undertaking and a lot of stress for a young man.  We pray and know that God will give him the strength to take on this new role. His little sister, Hannah, is taking it very hard.  She is such a sweet and sensitive soul in general.  So thank you for your prayers and your continued prayers for my dear friends.


  1. heather, checking in and sending thoughts and prayers. gosh scary.. we just never know.
    we dont have much snow but is cold up north here in mn. stays right at about 0. might as well snow if its going to be so cold.
    love your pin keeps..
    will stop by soon. enjoy your evening and try not to worry to much..pray..

  2. Heather I'm saying prayers their way. Oh that poor family.
    blessings on them.

  3. Prayers have been said. I too put an urgent prayer request on my blog this morning. It will be an on going one I am afraid. Yes, once you have kids, in the classroom, they are forever yours.

  4. Praying Heather!
    Be blessed,

  5. So sad to hear this. Will remember the family in prayer.


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